KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The NFL Draft is less than a month away in Kansas City and organizers are busy prepping for the event expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people.

The National WWI Museum is hosting NFL staff and back operations throughout the event so a good internet connection will be vital.

Google Fiber workers installed new lines at the museum on Wednesday, upgrading the internet connection from 1 Gig to 5 Gig.

“If you think about speeds right, 1-G means you can download it fairly fast, 5-G just allows you to download even faster and to download more at that rate so it’s a game changer,” VP of museum facilities Chris Wyche said.

According to the internet company, the new connection will make speeds up to 200 percent faster than the national average for people using cell phones and other electronics inside the museum.

“If you think about a video download, on a one gig connection that takes about 55 seconds and then versus a five gig, you’re looking at maybe about 26 seconds on that two-and-a-half-hour download,” Krystal Woods with Google Fiber said.

Google Fiber is offering the upgraded service at no cost to the museum through Memorial Day, but Chris says they will continue paying for the service after the free trial.

The NFL Draft is being held in Kansas City from April 27 – April 29.