Wyandotte County officials begin asymptomatic COVID-19 testing


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — People who don’t show COVID-19 symptoms aren’t out of the woods yet.

That’s why health officials in Wyandotte County have begun asymptomatic testing, checking the first few voluntary patients on Monday.

The county’s health department reports a sharp downturn in people submitting for COVID-19 testing. Asymptomatic testing is meant for patients who feel fine, and show no symptoms, but may have come into contact with someone who’s tested positive. 

“We’re hoping to get more people out with being able to get testing out without active symptoms. People may have been exposed to someone they’re not sure about, or they never received confirmation from that individual yet,” Andrea Morales, program manager with Vibrant Heath in KCK, said.

Wyandotte County continues to be one of the top three Kansas counties in positive COVID-19 tests with a roughly 18% positivity rate as of Monday. The Wyandotte County Health Department recommends patients who are showing symptoms to get tested within 48 hours of displaying symptoms. 

“We are asking for more people to come out and get tested. It’s a short procedure, and you can get your results in a couple of days and know where you stand,” Morales said.

The county’s health department website has a list of times and places where COVID-19 tests can be found.



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