KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Wyandotte County prosecutor has ruled a deadly police shooting this year was justified and officers will not face charges.

Kansas City, Kansas, police shot and killed 50-year-old Mark Anderton in February near North 52nd Street and Georgia Avenue.

Officials said Anderton was on a bike leaving the scene of a double-overdose after paramedics arrived. No one died as a result of those overdoses.

Anderton made it about a half mile away before some sort of interaction with a KCK police officer. Officials have not elaborated on that interaction.

Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree said Anderton was reaching inside his waistline for a gun at the time the officer fired his gun.

Dupree said the officer ordered Anderton to stop reaching, but the 50-year-old didn’t comply. Police recovered the gun at the scene.

The district attorney said the officer acted within the bounds of the law since law enforcement can use deadly force to prevent death or bodily harm.

Anderton’s family was critical of law enforcement after his death. His brother, Eric Anderton, said he struggled to get information. Months later, Eric Anderton said his requests to view body cam footage of the incident had repeatedly been denied.