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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A stray cat that was surrendered to KC Pet Project Monday appeared to be pregnant, but an x-ray revealed she had actually been shot.

“This cat was actually surrendered by some people who found her as a stray, but couldn’t keep her,” said Tori Fugate with KCPP.

The cat was taken for an x-ray because she appeared to be pregnant, but that was not the case. Instead workers at KCPP found a bullet fragment lodged near her spinal cord.

Stray cat at KCPP

According to Fugate, the wound is completely healed over from the outside and veterinarians are determining whether or not the bullet can safely be removed.

“We see victims of gunshot wounds every month at least. With some animals, you know who did it. With this cat, we don’t know,” she said.

The feline is estimated to be about 2-years-old and is said to be very shy.

KCPP has a special fund set aside for animals who need medical treatment. You can find out more here.