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(NEXSTAR) — Yellowstone National Park is marking its 150th anniversary year, and to celebrate, it is accepting $1,500 donations in exchange for an annual entry pass to be used by the donor’s descendants in 150 years.

Calling it “a new way to invest in the future,” Yellowstone Forever, the park’s fundraising arm, will use the money raised through the sale of “Inheritance Passes” to support park projects such as trail improvements, education, native fish conservation and scientific studies.

According to Yellowstone Forever’s president and CEO, it’s the organization’s way of celebrating the park’s 150 years and helping to preserve it for another 150 years.

“This is a time for us to reflect on the natural and cultural significance of Yellowstone National Park, and to also look ahead to the next 150 years and how we can—together—work to strengthen its future,” President and CEO Lisa Diekmann said in a statement. “The Inheritance Pass is an opportunity to donate to the park now to help safeguard it for the future, and to ensure generations of stewards to come can experience and learn from the world’s first national park.”

The commemorative pass, available for a donation of $1,500, will include the donor family’s name and allows future generations entry into the park in 2172 — 150 years from now.

Inheritance Pass (Credit: Yellowstone Forever via PR Newswire)

Until then, the pass is meant to be passed down from generation to generation “to support our collective love of Yellowstone’s vast wilderness,” the park said.

“Yellowstone National Park has provided inspiration and wonder to people for thousands of years,” said Diekmann. “Today, the park remains protected for the benefit and enjoyment of all people. As we look to the future, it will take support from all of us to help protect it today and ensure Yellowstone is protected for the next 150 years and beyond.”

Donors will also receive a Yellowstone National Park entry pass valid this year.

Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park, turned 150 on March 1. It is located largely in the northwest corner of Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho.