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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Life gave them lemons, they made lemonade — and things just continued to get better for two kids in Overland Park on Tuesday.

The boys set up a lemonade stand at 10 a.m., and their mom said it was too early. But this time, they’re glad they didn’t listen because their fourth customer was a big one!

Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Yordano Ventura made an appearance.

The boys were selling baseball cards, sweet tea, and lemonade, and they say their superstar customer kept a low profile.

But Ventura couldn’t hide from these Royals fans.

“My brother had no idea who he was, and then I looked at him, I stared at him, and I said, ‘Yordano Ventura?’ And he was like yeah, and he gave me a fist bump,” Rahmeen Hirsch recounted.

The boys say they’re even bigger fans now because Ventura was so nice. He signed a baseball and posed for photos. Rahmeen and his brother say Ventura’s bad boy image is clearly only seen on the field, because they say he paid way over the asking price for the lemonade he bought.