You could get paid $1,000 to watch true crime documentaries all day


Love true crime documentaries? This job could be for you.

MagellanTV, a documentary streaming service, wants to hire a true crime fanatic to watch 24 hours of true crime documentaries.

“Our candidate has a passion for all things true crime,” the website reads. “They can handle the creepiest serial killer, the grizzliest details, and the haunting spookiness of the paranormal.”

Whoever gets the job will be tasked with watching 16 documentaries, including “Manson 40 Years Later” and “Columbine Massacre: In the Killer’s Mind.”

The hire will have to document the whole thing, so “their followers can watch to see if they crack…or not,” the website says.

And what will this person get for risking their sanity? $1,000 cash, a 1-year free membership to MagellanTV, and three 3-month memberships for friends and family.

Whether that prize is worth it is up to you.

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