Young entrepreneur mowing lawns to help cousin diagnosed with breast cancer

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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. -- One local fifth grader is spending his free time mowing lawns for some extra cash, but he's not keeping all the money for himself. Eleven-year-old Logan Arbuckle is giving some of the income to a good cause.

He started mowing lawns to save money for a dirt bike, but his mission soon turned into a campaign to help his cousin battling breast cancer.

"My cousin Stacy got diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, so I decided I could mow yards and raise money for her," Logan said, who has been mowing lawns for two years.

"It feels more honest to make some money of your own," Logan said.

His dad and grandfather taught him how to use the equipment, so when his cousin was diagnosed, he decided to use a skill he already had to help her.

"I was mowing our yard, and I thought maybe I could mow other people's yards," Logan said.

"She`s somebody who has always been in his life and he really loves her and he really cares for her, so I wasn't at all surprised that he wanted to help her," said Logan's mom Christy, who says her children already have chores to do around the house.

"It`s really important for children at a very early age, for parents to help them to understand that the way you get things in life is to work hard," Christy said.

She says she's proud of Logan's desire to earn money -- especially when it goes toward a good cause.

"Be able to use your own two hands to help someone," Christy said, "I`m really proud that he has such a soft heart, and that he`s so giving that he does, at such a young age, already have such empathy for other people, and want to help other people that aren`t doing as well as he is."

"She`s a nice lady and I don`t want her to be out of my life," Logan said.

Logan plans on putting one-third of the money he makes this summer towards his cousin's medical bills. He says his price starts at $25 per yard, and currently mows four yards weekly.

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