KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The family of a young woman killed on New Year’s Eve wants answers in her death. The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department said it is investigating and waiting on information from the Jackson County Medical Examiner.

Now, Tera Williams’ parents are waiting too and hoping to understand why their daughter is no longer with them. Her plans on New Year’s Eve were to spend time with friends. Her parents, Terry and Andrea Williams, say unfortunately one person at the party had a gun and now their daughter is gone.

She was a bright light to her family. The 20-year-old was in marching band in high school, was studying for her degree, and worked at a senior living home.

“She had a great heart. She loved people. She loved her son,” her father, Terry Williams said.

A year ago she gave birth to her greatest accomplishment, her son Kree. Going into 2022 was supposed to be a great year.

That day she spent time with her mother and was in and out of the house most of the day. Around 7 p.m. Andrea said her daughter asked to use her car to go meet up with her friends.

“She just asked me for my key and I told her I would be up. Just call me,” Andrea said.

A call did come, but it wasn’t what her mother expected.

“Tera’s been shot in the chest,” Andrea said.

KCPD said they were called to a home off East 50th Street near Blue Ridge Cutoff around 10 p.m. First responders found Tera shot and tried to save her life. They rushed her to the hospital but she died from the gunshot wound. They said this is not considered celebratory gunfire and they are looking into what led up to Williams death.

Her family said at her friends house someone brought out a gun. They don’t know if the gun was fired on accident or on purpose.

“I would have never thought this would happen to her. Ever. Ever in life. I would have never thought this,” her sister ShanDrea Smith said.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner is reviewing the case and her family is waiting to understand.

“I don’t know if it was an accident or not,” Terry said.

“If she wouldn’t have had the gun my daughter would still be here,” Andrea said.

“I do think my sister was murdered. I do believe she needs justice for that,” Smith said.

No arrests have been made or charges filed in this case. Tera’s mother says she hopes there are at least manslaughter charges filed in the near future. They feel that even if it is an accident Kree lost his mother and they will never see Tera again.

“When she walked in the room Kree’s eyes would light up. He loved his mother and that’s what hurts so much is that he’s not going to remember that,” Andrea said.

“Someone needs to take responsibility whether it’s politicians, the mayor, or someone in the city needs to take responsibility for us losing our children day by day,” Terry said.

Her family said Tera’s legacy will live on. They plan to speak out about gun violence in the future and how it is impacting their lives. Her father wants to do everything he can to prevent this from happening to another family.

They’ve set up a fund for Kree’s education and those who would like to donate can do so online.