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KANSAS CITY — A man now guilty of child endangerment in Johnson County after he was found in a Lenexa storage unit with his wife’s dismembered body sent a series of letters from jail to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn. The letters are featured in FOX4’s latest Crime Files podcast, you can listen to all 9 episodes now of The Justin Rey Letters as he awaits sentencing and other court proceedings.

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The letters begin
Accused of dismembering his wife in a KC-metro motel room, with his two young children nearby, Justin Rey makes his case. In a jailhouse letter mailed to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn, Rey described what happened inside that room the day his wife died.

A letter about abandoning a corpse

Justin Rey is charged with abandonment of a corpse in connection with his wife’s death. He doesn’t deny cutting up her remains, and says there’s no way he abandoned her corpse. Rey writes a second letter to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn explaining why he says he had to dismember his wife’s body.

A letter about driving a missing California man’s car

Justin Rey is connected to the suspected murder of a man hundreds of miles away from Kansas City. In the third jailhouse letter from Rey to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn, he tries to explain why he was driving a missing man’s car.

A letter with a family tree
As a father of six, Justin Rey says all he wants is his family reunited. That includes four other children removed from his custody. FOX4’s Kathy Quinn investigates the claims that had child welfare experts intervene in the Rey family.

A letter of clues and a YouTube channel
A shocking claim from Justin Rey about what he did in the hours following his wife’s death. Even more shocking is the reason why he said he did what he did. The revelation surprised even FOX4’s Kathy Quinn.

Letters to the court: Fire my attorneys 
Justin Rey fights for his freedom from his cell. FOX4’s Kathy Quinn looks at his legal strategy and questions about his mental stability.

Letters to the court lead to new charges
New legal trouble for Justin Rey. FOX4’s Kathy Quinn looks into the documents that show why prosecutors say Rey made things a lot worse for his case as he tried to prove he didn’t abandon his wife’s dismembered body.

A thank you letter from an accused killer
A thank you note from an accused killer. The message Justin Rey wanted to convey in the final letter he wrote to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn.

Testimony and trial
The case against Justin Rey plays out inside a Johnson County courtroom. From the gruesome testimony prosecutors presented to final thoughts from the defense, hear the evidence … and the jury’s decision.

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