KANSAS CITY, Mo. — John Wood drops out of the Senate race in Missouri, and Gov. Parson has called for a special session that starts the day after Labor Day.

David Kimball, a Political Science Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, joins FOX4’s John Holt and Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star. Learn what he thinks about Wood’s decision.

“While some Republican voters may have had a problem supporting Eric Greitens for that U.S. Senate race, the vast majority of Republicans will easily support Eric Schmitt. Mr. Wood’s path to victory was narrowed substantially,” Kimball said.

Then, hear from Jonathan Shorman, political reporter at the Kansas City Star. He weighs in on how the special session for tax cuts could impact Missouri.

“He has a couple things going in his favor. The biggest thing is that the state is doing very well financially, so it’s a lot easier to make the case fiscally for a tax cut at this moment than it would have been just a few years ago. The other thing is he really put a lot of time and energy into kind of preparing a path for this special session over the course of the summer, not in a flashy way, but every week on his pubic schedule there are one or two meetings where he’s meeting with various groups of lawmakers across the state about this upcoming special session,” Shoreman said.

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