WASHINGTON — Missouri Congressmen Mark Alford (R-4) and Emanuel Cleaver (D-5) are in full support of Israel after the country was attacked by Hamas terrorists Saturday, October 7.

The two were on the Sunday, October 15 episode of “4 The People.” The Israeli Palestinian conflict has been going on for decades. Hamas now governs more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Rep. Alford says he does not agree that Palestine and Israel should be two separate nations.

“I think that this is Israel’s land, and if you can’t live in peace, then you don’t deserve another nation,” Alford said.

“Israel has tried over and over again. Even the way they fight now, in their first response to these terrorist killings, they would do a ‘tap and knock,’ where they would send a smaller bomb to tap the top of a building as a warning shot that everyone needs to clear out before they decimate the building where they believed that Hamas leaders were and had reasonable intelligence to do so. You don’t get that with the savages on the other side who are beheading babies, who are raping women in front of their own families, who are paragliding into a concert and shooting and killing more than 250 people at point-blank range.”

Rep. Cleaver called Palestine a ‘nation want to be’ as territorial leaders are struggling for their independence.

“Hamas is a group of people who practice monstrous, merciless killings. They are a fiendish group of people,” Cleaver said.

“It’s important for people in the listening audience to understand that many of the Palestinians hate Hamas because of the things they do, and then the regular Palestinian people are the ones who are suffering. I mean most of them had no idea; 99% of the people in Gaza had no idea that this attack on Israel was being planned, and they were just as stunned as everybody else, and now they are suffering. No water, no electricity, one major hospital left that’s already filled to capacity, and they did nothing. They don’t like the conditions they live in, but they are not terrorists. Hamas is a terrorist group, and that’s how we need to deal with them.”

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