The legislative fallout in Kansas continues as a Democrat crosses party lines to push veto overrides over the top. A national debt ceiling deadline looms with the clock ticking.

How will it all impact you?

Jonathan Shorman, Senior Political reporter for the Kansas City Star and Mark Hamrick, Washington Bureau Chief for Bankrate, join FOX4’s John Holt on this episode of “4 the People.”

Funding is they key issue in both the state of Kansas and on Capitol Hill.

In the Sunflower State, a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly is raising controversy. Kelly issued a line item veto of $250,000 in funding for the historic Quindaro Ruins in Kansas City, Kansas.

She claims the request for funding was made at the last minute and there hadn’t been any vetting of how the money would be used.

Rep. Marvin Robinson represents KCK and supported the funding.

The veto came after Robinson crossed party lines and voted to override Kelly’s veto of a measure banning transgender female athletes from girls’ and women’s sports

“Rep. Robinson had been not just a vote, but in many instances, the crucial vote to override some of these very controversial legislation as it relates to transgender rights,” Shoreman said. “We get to the last final moments of session and suddenly here appears this $250,000 earmark essentially for basically his sole campaign promise to get this funding to restore Quindaro, it raises a lot of eyebrows.”

Robinson says the funding was not payment for his vote, he says he voted for what his constituents believe.

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