KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This week, “4 The People” welcomes back Bankrate Washington DC Bureau Chief Mark Hamrick, who discusses where we are with the economy.

The Fed decides to keep its key interest rate right where it is, but signals another rate hike is possible by the end of the year. Is a soft landing in our future, and when might Fed governors decide it’s time to reverse course and begin cutting?

Then, what impact will the return of student loan payments have on consumers and eventually, on the economy as a whole? Plus, autoworkers strike, and the federal government faces a potential shutdown.

Then, former Olathe South, Washburn Ichabod, and Kansas City Chiefs player Michael Dritlein and KU Cancer Center Director Dr. Roy Jensen join us to talk about a coast-to-coast bike relay Dritlein is taking part in, and how the KU Cancer Center and cancer research benefit.

Dritlein lost his mother to a brain tumor last year, and this ride is part of his healing, and mission to prevent others from suffering as his family has.