KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This week on 4 The People, FOX4’s John Holt sits down with Kansas Speaker Dan Hawkins to discuss the most recent legislative session.

From tax to transgender policies, Kansas lawmakers had a full agenda. Holt and Rep. Hawkins discuss what got done and what didn’t, and in a session with GOP super majorities, why not?

Later in the show, 4 The People goes on location as the iconic Negro Leagues Baseball Museum announces a capital campaign to grow, even as its president is called on again to invoke its mission in real-time.

The NLBM is a museum with a message; baseball history to be sure, but really, a history of the country’s racial strife, social injustice, and over time, healing.

Lead by its late founder Buck O’Neil, and today, the man who carries on buck’s mission and message. This past week Bob Kendrick found himself in the middle of trying to heal, when an Oakland A’s broadcaster uttered the unspoken word while trying to promote the museum, one day after Kendrick gave him a tour.

Kendrick and Holt also discuss what’s next following the announcement of a $25 million capital campaign to grow the museum’s mission.

Watch the video below for our full sit-down with Kendrick: