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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recreational marijuana in Missouri became legal in months ago, but there are new questions facing voters ahead of the April election. There are also a lot of questions about the Kansas City Royals and where the team plans to plant new roots.

Hear analysis on both topics during this week’s episode of 4 The People with FOX4’s Jonathan Ketz.

The first looming question is how much money will people who use recreational marijuana eventually pay in taxes, and where does the money go?

Brent Schondelmeyer with Show Me Better Communities is on the committee working to get recreational marijuana sales taxes passed for 30 metro cities and two area counties.

The proposed tax could mean millions of dollars for metro cities. It will also vary widely.

“It’s 3%, everybody has 3% on the ballot, depends on the number of dispensaries that you have in each one of your communities. Kansas City has 16, Independence has four. Honestly some of these cities don’t even have a dispensary in their community at this point and they still put it on the ballot with the anticipation that they may get one in the future,” Schondelmeyer said.

Another topic that’s causing a lot of guessing right now is downtown baseball, and an exact location for a new stadium.

On the second half of 4 The People, David Slater with Clay County’s Economic Development Council joins the show.

The Royals confirmed last week that the Royals are also considering a location outside of Kansas City and Jackson County for a new ballpark. The news caught many people in the area a little off guard.

“It’s a competitive process. There are 30 teams in 27 cities, everybody wants one of these things. It’s a jewel. It’s quite a prize,” Slater said.

“We’re led to believe they’re serious about the North Kansas City spot. Even if they aren’t we’re gonna play every card we can,” Slater said.

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