KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Election day has come and gone across the country. Now, the analysis of what it means for the next round in 2024 gets into full swing.

This week on “4 The People,” Julia Manchester of The Hill shares her insights on Ohio voters approving an abortion rights amendment and pro-choice candidates winning in other states.

There is disagreement over whether that will be enough to overcome President Biden’s low approval rating and other issues important to Americans, including their pocketbooks.

Plus, her thoughts on Senator Joe Manchin choosing not to seek another term, and can Congress avoid a government shutdown with a new House Speaker at the helm?

Then, as our country honors our veterans, we go “On-Location” with an Overland Park World War II veteran. The choice he made in college would change his life forever.

Lieutenant Bob Watson shares his war stories and the meaning of Veterans Day. This weekend family and friends also gathered to celebrate his 100th birthday.