KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 118th Congress is in session and looking at a full plate. Issues include tacking the debt ceiling, oversight, and other important reforms.

On this episode of 4Star Politics, Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-KS) joins FOX4’s John Holt to talk about representing a newly drawn 2nd district and a new majority role in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Some political experts worry the U.S. could be on the brink of financial disaster as they wait to see if lawmakers and the White House can come to an agreement.

“It is important that we work in a bipartisan way to solve this problem. We ultimately have to pass the debt ceiling increase. We have to keep in mind that for the last two years Joe Biden and the Democrats, who have been in control of the house, the senate, and the White House, they spend $10 trillion dollars,” LaTurner said. “We just passed a debt ceiling increase two years ago and they’ve blown past it. What Republicans are saying is, ‘We do not want to shut down the government. We do not want to cause ripples in the economy. What we want is to work together to pass a debit ceiling increase are recognize that we cannot keep spending this kind of money.’ We have to reduce federal spending and stop asking our kids and our grandkids to pay for the things we are enjoying today.”

From talk about national budget cuts to the budget surplus in Missouri, and how Gov. Mike Parson hopes to spend it.

Wendy Doyle, a child care advocate with “United We” joins the show to weigh in on Parson’s plan to spend millions to help solve child care issues in the Show-Me State, and the fact that it will need to be a bipartisan effort.

“We were thrilled, a little surprised, but he has signaled along the way with the recent consolidation of the office of childhood under DESE, so we’re kinda seeing that childcare has become a priority. But, thrilled this was such a significant part of the State of the State,” Doyle said.

It will take lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to worth together to pass Parson’s budget plan.

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