KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Our FOX4/Emerson College/The Hill polls released this week in Missouri and Kansas asked respondents whether they support or oppose the recent federal student loan forgiveness program.

“I’ve talked to people who have enormous debt,” Kansas City, Missouri, resident Marilyn Carpenter told FOX4 Wednesday. 

Carpenter said any way the government can invest in education, they should. 

”Mine wasn’t nearly as high as what they’re facing today,” Carpenter said when asked if it’s fair students now may be able to get their debt forgiven while others have already paid theirs off.

Other people in her state and in Kansas disagree though.

Polling shows 50.1% of people oppose President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan in Kansas. Across the state line, 50.4% of people oppose it in Missouri.

In each state, about 35% of people support the loan forgiveness, and about 15% are undecided.

“We’ve already paid for all of our kids’ debt. We paid it off,” Jay Saterbak said Wednesday.

Saterbak has three kids who took out loans for college, and they have paid them all off. Saterback said he’s paid about $324,000.

“Nonresident, out-of-state tuitions, etc.,” he said. “So, I mean, the kids came out really good. I’m happy for them, but as far as kids paying their debt or getting their debt paid for them, they should really figure out how to pay for it before they sign up for college.”

Other people like Jerome Banks have already applied for student loan relief.

“It affected me,” Banks said of the cost of college. “I can’t go back right now because of loans that I got from something that happened almost 15 years ago because I have to get through my debt first before I continue my education at the school I prefer to go to.”

Biden’s plan is held up in court right now as attorneys general in six Republican-led states sue. That includes the AGs in both Kansas and Missouri. The U.S. Department of Education is still processing debt relief applications despite the holdup. 

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