KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Voters will head to the polls in about a month on November 7th, 2023, but the deadline for Missouri voters to register for that election is October 11.

The deadline for Kansas voters is the following week.

Before those deadlines, groups like the League of Women Voters are trying to make sure that everyone can have their vote counted.

“There’s a law that passed [in Missouri] last year that makes it a little bit easier for your name to get dropped off of the rolls so we advise that every voter vote in every single election so that you can defend your registration, defend your right to vote,” said League of Women Voters President Anne Calvert.

That law also requires voters to be able to show an ID and limits who can help residents fill out registration applications or absentee ballots. Calvert says it can be a challenge to get voters excited about off-year elections, but these votes will still determine elected positions and local issues put to voters.

Calvert says the League of Women Voters will be working until the last minute to get voters registered.

“If [voters] get it filled out and it’s dated Tuesday then it can be turned in and you can mail it that day,” said Calvert.

You can get help registering to vote from the League of Women Voters here.

You can also find help getting voting information from Vote411, the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, and the Kansas Secretary of State’s website.