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FAIRWAY, Kan. — In November, Blake Allen Marshall will challenge incumbent Kelly-Ann Buszek to represent the 1st Ward on the Fairway City Council. 

Ahead of the general election on Nov. 2, FOX4 is working to help voters get a better idea where candidates stand on issues impacting residents in the metro. FOX4 sent out a questionnaire to candidates in more than 50 races in Johnson County.

FOX4 did not receive a response from Marshall. Here’s a look at what Buszek had to say: 

Q: What is your top policy issue for the City of Fairway?

Buszek: The top policy issues for Fairway can be described under the twin rubrics of infrastructure and sustainability.

Regarding infrastructure, I will continue to work with the mayor and the electric utility to upgrade its equipment and thereby continue to reduce the frequency and duration of costly and inconvenient power outages. 

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) will allow for the much-needed repair and/or replacement of the city’s aging sewer and storm water system. A permanent multi-jurisdictional solution for the perennial flooding along State Park Road must be a high priority. 

The sustainability issues are both economic and environmental. It is imperative for the economic vitality of the community to attract new businesses in the Fairway Shops and elsewhere along Mission Road as a result of several recent vacancies. Environmental sustainability issues include increased funding for replacing diseased and damaged right-of-way (ROW) mature canopy trees throughout the city, replacing select city cars with electric vehicles, and adding charging stations near City Hall.

Q: What changes, if any, would you like to see in the city budget?

Buszek: Increased property values have allowed the city to maintain a stable budget without increasing the mill levy. Given this fortunate situation, I would like to see increased funding for the continued improvements and additions at the City Park, a cherished community-wide resource, and additional funding to champion the cultural and historical aspects and natural resources of the Shawnee Indian Mission.

Q: What is your view on the use of tax incentives for new development? What criteria would you use when determining if incentives like Tax Increment Financing (TIFs), tax abatements or the creation of a Community Improvement District (CID) should be granted to developers wanting to build within the city?

Buszek: Given the fact that there is a pending proposal before the council, it would be inappropriate for me to respond at this time.