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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Since 1996, Duane Harvey, a Kansas City funeral home director has spent his Election Day with a livelier crowd than he’s used to. 

“It’s been very pleasing. It’s been a pretty comfortable ride, It’s not like riding in a hearse,” Harvey, founder of Duane Harvey Funeral Directors, said.

There’s no loading caskets, just loading passengers in limos to cast their ballots. 

“There are so many seniors and elderly who don’t have transportation and aren’t able to get a ride to the polls,” Harvey said.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Duane Harvey only recently started using limos again to take grieving families to services and the cemetery.

The funeral home’s three limos will be reserved for voters next Tuesday. With enough room to stretch your legs, he said if people wear masks they can social distance enough to stay safe.

As former president of the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association that offers the service nationwide, he’s proud to be doing his part. 

“All of us have the privilege of being able to vote and I think people should exercise that right and that privilege that others have fought and died for to give us the opportunity to make a statement and have a say of what goes on in a democracy in the cities in which we live,” Harvey said.

Harvey said he served 60 Jackson County and Kansas City voters in 2016 and expects plenty of people to take him up on the offer this year.

Call ahead, know your polling place and, if possible, bring a cell phone because with possible long voting lines expected, Harvey said they might need to pick up and drop off other voters while you wait to cast your ballot. 

If limos aren’t your style, Ride KC is offering free rides on Election Day on all bus routes serving Kansas City, Johnson County, Wyandotte County and Independence.

Also the Whole Person will offer free rides for Kansas City voters to its Central Polling Collection at 3710 Main St.