KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Advancing out of the Missouri senate, a new voter ID bill requiring not just an ID but a photo ID when you go to vote.

That means voter registration cards, college IDs, and utilities bills would no longer be accepted at the polls.

The bill also bans the future use of mail-in ballots that voters saw used during the pandemic. It also bans ballot drop boxes in Missouri.

It does loosen one aspect, however, allowing people to vote at their election authority office in the two weeks before an election without needing to give a reason why.

On Facebook Monday Sen. Dr. Bob Onder, R-St. Louis, touted HB 1878, an 80+ page piece of legislation changing election rules in widespread ways.

“Tonight we banned drop-boxes, ballot harvesting, Zuckerbucks where progressive billionaires give money to our election authorities,” Onder said.

The bill outlines how money given to support the operation of election locations must now go through the MO Secretary of States Office and restrictions are in place for the amount given.

Marilyn McLeod is President of the League of Women Voters of Missouri. She said the new rules try to solve problems that don’t exist and make it more difficult for people – younger and older – to vote because of the photo ID requirement.

“What about people who are of a certain age that they’re no longer driving, say, an elderly person, I can speak to that perhaps,” she said, laughing.

“And you still have a driver’s license but it’s expired. So how would it be if you voted for the last 60 years and you go to vote and you discover you can’t because your license has expired,” McLeod said.

“How many people right at this moment can say, I wonder when my license expires and if they have enough time to renew it before an election,” McLeod said.

A previous version of the voter ID law was shut down by the Missouri Supreme Court in 2020. But the position of some state Republicans is that it is necessary to fight voter fraud.

But state election officials say that the 2020 presidential election was secure in Missouri.

The last day of the legislative session is this Friday.

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