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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Both sides across the metro weighed in on the U.S. Congress tallying the Electoral College votes.

“I just really hope that we get an answer,” Nicholaus Elliott, Voter said. “That’s the one thing I really want is an answer.”

The recent election was the first time Elliott voted for the president of the United States.

“After going through these last four years with Trump and him voting on things that undermine me as a person and my values, it was definitely important for me to get out and vote this year,” Elliott said.

He said what’s happening at our nation’s capitol right now is disheartening.

Congress was supposed to begin counting the electoral college votes of each of the 50 states Wednesday morning.

It’s something that typically happens every four years, but this year dozens of Senate Republicans planned to object the count of votes.

“The president deserved his day in court,” Tony Bergida, Chairman of Johnson County Young Republicans said. “The legal process has worked itself out.”

Bergida said there’s reasons behind the split in opinions between Republican voters.

“There are those that think yes you do have this right, but whatever the court decides is the way it goes,” Bergida said. “And then there are some that feel that they weren’t given a fair shake. If that makes sense.”

In an interview with Fox News, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, said somebody has to stand up for 74 million Americans who feel like their vote doesn’t matter.

Others say Joe Biden is the president elect and people need to move on.

“It’s just so ridiculous that there’s house republicans and house senators that are going to object to a vote today to certify these results while they don’t even want to give us $2,000 to barely get by during a pandemic,” Zachary Stachelski, Voter said.