PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — Two more Cass County towns are asking voters to approve a local sales tax on recreational marijuana.

In the Nov. 7 election, Pleasant Hill and Drexel ask if the two cities can impose a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana sales.

Three percent is the highest local sales tax a jurisdiction is allowed to collect under Missouri’s Amendment 3, which legalized recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older.

The state will also charge an additional 6% sales tax on all recreational marijuana purchases, and the regular sales tax for each jurisdiction still applies.

The 3% local tax, if Pleasant Hill and Drexel voters approve, will not apply to medical marijuana purchases, and the state has a 4% tax rate for anyone with a medical marijuana card.

State records show there are not currently any recreational marijuana dispensaries in either town.

Earlier this year, over 30 cities and counties in the metro — including Cass County and neighboring cities like Harrisonville, Peculiar and Raymore — already voted on a local marijuana tax.

Voters in all of those cities and counties approved a marijuana tax back in April.

Pleasant Hill and Drexel aren’t the only cities voting on a local marijuana tax this November. Up in the Northland, Parkville leaders are also asking voters to approve a 3% tax on recreational marijuana sales.