Drunken Fish Roll

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“Drunken Fish Roll”


  • Nori sheet (pressed and dried seaweed that creates a paper-like sheet) is placed on a sushi mat (shiny side down)
  • Approximately 1/2 cup of sushi rice (combination of rice, sugar and vinegar) is placed on the nori. (Drunken Fish sushi rice is carefully prepared according to our recipe. Properly prepared rice is so crucial to the sushi-making process that traditionally, sushi chefs spend several years perfecting their rice-making skills before they are ever allowed to cut fish.)
  • With wet hands (to avoid sticking – sushi rice is very sticky and can dry very hard, very quickly) rice is spread evenly on the nori
  • Nori is then flipped over with the rice facing down on the mat (this is done because it is an “inside-out” roll, meaning the rice is on the outside)
  •  Ingredients are then placed on the nori to be rolled – tempura fried shrimp, asparagus and japanese mayo
  • Using the rolling mat, the ingredients are tightly rolled inside the nori, starting at the side closest to the Sushi Chef and rolled away from him or her, whilst tucking the ingredients tightly in place. It is important not to overfill the roll, as this will cause it to not stick.
  • As the sushi is rolled, the mat should be lifted up and away from the roll to ensure that it is not actually rolled into the sushi
  • Once the sushi is completely rolled, it should be wrapped with the rolling mat and squeezed firmly causing the sticky sushi rice to act as an adhesive in solidifying the roll
  • Drunken Fish Signature rolls are known for having ingredients both inside and outside of the roll, creating unique flavor combinations; with the Drunken Fish Roll, the base roll is topped with red tuna, masago (fish egg), crunchy tempura crumbs, fresh sprouts and drizzled with Japanese mayo and eel sauce
  • Using a very sharp knife, the roll is cut into eight pieces in a single movement pressing forward and down (knife skills are the most difficult part of the sushi-making process to master and require a great deal of training and practice to deliver high caliber sushi to our guests)
  •  Enjoy! The Drunken Fish roll is served with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce, all of which can be added at the diner’s discretion




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