KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chef Vince Paredes from the Farmhouse and president/CEO of child protection center Lisa Mizell joined FOX4 to talk about “Cook For Courage,” the annual fundraiser for the Child Protection Center.

Elite Nacho:

4ea.   Cobb Corn
3oz.   Creamy Jalapeño Salsa
3oz.   Queso Fresco
3ea.   Yoli blue corn tortillas(cut and fried into chips)
2oz.    Pickle Jalapeño 

Plate fried corn tortillas at the bottom of a plate and, evenly sprinkle corn over tortilla chips, then follow with cheese and jalapeños. Repeat the process one more time and finish with creamy jalapeño salsa on top.

Creamy Jalapeno Salsa:

2ea Whole Eggs
1ea Egg Yolk
¼c Garlic Whole Cloves(Not Chopped)
1ea Shallot Large
4ea Jalapenos Whole Mild (If Jalapenos are hot seed however man you need to)
1ea Cilantro Bunch 
2tsp Dijon
¼c  Salt Kosher
2ea White Vinegar
1qt Salad Oil 

Rough Chopped Jalapenos and Shallot. Incorporate all ingredients into the Vitamix blender except for the oil, as they are listed starting from the top. 

Cover Blender and start blending on the first setting, slowly turning it up to level 3. When ingredients are blended on level 3 start adding oil in a slow stream while gradually increasing the blender speed to a max or level 6 on the blender.   

When oil is fully emulsified with the salsa turn off the blender. The consistency should be a little loose and slightly coarse.