Recipes, Shopping Lists Made Easy

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Alicia Voorhies with the Soft Landing shared tips on navigating online recipes and cookbooks, including easy ways to organize your favorites and make simple shopping lists. One of her all-time favorite sites: Ziplist!

Recipe websites

Aggregates combining a wide array of the best recipes from around the internet

Organizational tools that are available online and also in an app for simple in-kitchen prep without printing and chasing down recipes

  • Pinterest:  Recipes can be categorized so you can find them easily on your iPhone or iPad. New recipes are added daily with beautiful visuals, and you can follow many of the most popular cooks who post their recipes regularly, so you don’t have to visit their blogs to scout out the new recipes.
  • Pepper Plate:  Allows you to import recipes from 20 of the most popular recipe sites (i.e., The Pioneer Woman, etc.), also provides a menu planner and shopping list
  • Foodily: Allows you to import all of the recipes you’ve already save on Pinterest. Also includes a social aspect (friending, following specific chefs and sharing the recipes you like the best via social media channels)

Free downloadable cookbooks offers a wide range of free e-cookbooks for download via Kindle to your computer



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