Saints Pub & Patio Smokey Joker’s Cuban sandwich

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Saints Pub & Patio Smokey Joker’s Cuban sandwich


2.5 oz Shaved Ham
2.5 oz Smoked Pork
2 slices Gruyere (or Swiss) Cheese
2-4 each Pickles
1 oz Brown Mustard
1 each Hoagie bun (or soft French roll)


Saute pan or cast iron
Steak weight or pan for pressing


1. Heat up pork and ham, cover with cheese.
2. Spread mustard on inside of roll, cover bottom side with pickles.
3. Place meat and cheese on roll, close sandwich, and press with weight on cooking surface.
4. Flip to toast other side and finish melting cheese.
5. Cut in half to serve.

Sandwich should be crispy on the outside and hot inside.

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