Tailgate Sandwich recipe

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Smoked Brisket, Chopped and heated——24 oz

Bacon———————————–2 slices


Cheddar cheese sauce, warm——1 ½ cups

Malted Beer Grain Syrup, warm—1 ½ cups

Fried Bread—————————-6 pieces


Fried Bread

All-purpose flour———————-3 cups

Baking powder————————3 tsp, heaping

Salt————————————–¼ tsp

Milk————————————-¾ cup

Water———————————-as needed, approx. ¼ cup

Oil—————————————as needed for frying


Malted Beer Grain Syrup

Malted grains, milled  ——————-1 lb

Water ————————————-3 qts

Sugar ————————————–2 cups



  • Fry bacon and over-easy egg
  • Place 4 ounces of brisket on 1 piece of bread (see recipe) and drizzle all with ¼ cup syrup (see recipe)
  • Add ¼ cup of cheddar cheese sauce, 2 slices of bacon, and 1 over-easy egg
  • Serve with a knife and fork


Fried Bread

  • Mix flour, baking powder, and salt
  • Mix in milk
  • Add water as needed to bring all ingredients together and form a dough
  • Divide into golf ball size balls, approx. 3 ounces
  • Press into a flat circle using your fingertips
  • Fry in 350 degree oil, approx. 2 min on each side until golden brown


Malted Beer Grain Syrup

  • Bring water to a temperature of 160 degrees
  • Place grains in an insulated cooler or ice chest
  • Pour water over grains a little at a time, stirring as you add the water
  • Cover and let sit for 1 hour stirring about every 20 min
  • Strain out liquid. Bring to boil and reduce to 2 cups
  • Mix liquid with sugar and heat until all sugar is dissolved



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