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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In December FOX4 asked viewers to nominate the Remarkable Women in their lives, and Kansas City answered that call and sent in more than 400 nominations.

From that group of incredible women, FOX4 narrowed it down to four finalists. Those women included:

  • Bobbi Jo Reed, who transformed her life, her neighborhood and thousands of other lives.
  • Sofia Santiago, known for her riches to rags and back again story.
  • Kelly Manz, whose instinct save her baby and later helped her craft a law that has saved countless others.
  • Lindsay Norris, the oncology nurse who touched many hearts and moved many to tears after she who wrote an apology letter to her patients after she learned her postpartum symptoms were actually stage three colorectal cancer.

The woman chosen to represent FOX4 in New York City on “The Mel Robbins Show” is Lindsay Norris.

Her colleague Gloria Solis nominated Norris for the honor.

Read a portion of the nomination below:

“She has positively impacted the image of nursing and serves as a bridge between patients and nurses, allowing for a better understanding of the patient perspective and the need for more empathetic care. Lindsay allowed herself to be vulnerable and honest for the good of people everywhere. She has published articles about her journey and serves as a consultant in the development of a new Gastrointestinal Cancer Survivorship Program. She is also involved in the Colon Cancer Coalition organizing fundraisers. From her humble attempt to improve patient care, she has been published in People Magazine, Self, Today and US Weekly. She was also featured on a billboard in Times Square in October 2017, capturing the attention of nurses and patients everywhere. As a nurse colleague, I can attest to Lindsay’s character and desire to make this world a better place. She is a Remarkable Women in our Community and I am honored to submit this nomination.”

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