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Which 4-foot Christmas tree is best?

There’s nothing like an artificial Christmas tree to quickly and efficiently adorn the home with festive cheer. Not only do they last year upon year, but they don’t shed pine needles and are far more cost-effective and practical on the whole. A 4-foot Christmas tree is ideal for smaller living spaces and work well as table-toppers or as a secondary tree for the office or entryway. If you are looking for a realistic and tasteful tree that’s ready to decorate, consider the National Tree Company Dunhill Fir.

What to know before you buy a 4-foot Christmas tree

Christmas tree placement

If you are putting your 4-foot artificial Christmas tree in a small room, placing it in a corner often works best. This way, it won’t create clutter or cause an obstruction, but it will remain a focal point of your living space. Artificial 4-foot trees are small enough to be positioned on a tabletop, counter or low shelf to elevate their base and keep the feature within your line of sight. This is also helpful to those with limited mobility, as gifts can be placed at the foot of the tree within easy reach.

Choice of lighting

You have a few options when it comes to Christmas tree lighting. You can choose an unlit tree and pick your own lights. This is ideal if you have a specific lighting aesthetic in mind for your home. You can choose a pre-lit Christmas tree that comes with lights preinstalled. These are tailored to suit the tree, with the correct number of lamps and wire length. Lastly, you have the option of a fiber-optic tree. These feature interwoven strands of light in the branches, which can be programmed to change color and flash at different speeds.

Decorating your tree

Similar to lighting, trees can be bought pre-decorated, or you can choose to add your own decorations. Pre-decorated trees are ideal as a convenient option or for secondary trees in the home or workplace. If you have a certain color scheme in mind for your home at Christmas, you might like to opt to decorate your tree yourself, so that it aligns with your preferred choice of style.

What to look for in a quality 4-foot Christmas tree

Realistic features

The best 4-foot Christmas trees have realistic branches that are hard to distinguish from the genuine article at a distance. Different styles of tree include Virginia and Scotch pines, with their long, dense needles; Noble and Douglas fir trees that are lusher and bushier in their appearance and the Colorado blue spruce, with its distinctive conical shape and blue-green hue. Higher quality trees usually have more branches, often referred to as “attached tips” on the packaging. These often look more convincing at close-quarters.

Manufacturing materials

Artificial Christmas trees are typically made from either polyethylene or PVC, and each has its benefits. Polyethylene (PE) trees are usually more realistic than their PVC counterpart, as their needles are formed as one with the branches. On the other hand, PVC trees’ color tends not to fade as quickly as PE trees, and they have better fire-resistant qualities. Their needles usually come wired to the branches, which makes them look less lifelike when viewed from nearby.

Additional ornamental elements

Some artificial Christmas trees come with additional ornamental features that add to their overall aesthetic. One popular embellishment is the use of fake or real pine cones and berries to add to their authenticity. Sometimes fake snow is added to the branches at the factory to enhance their appearance as well. Some trees also come with ornate molded pedestals that resemble urns or decorated pots, which both look pleasant and provide sturdy support for the tree.

How much you can expect to spend on a 4-foot Christmas tree

A basic 4-foot Christmas tree costs around $30, while midrange models without lights are $45. Expect to pay around $60 for a 4-foot Christmas tree with lights, with some high-end, decorated models costing well over $100.

4-foot Christmas tree FAQ

What is “flocking”?

A. Flocking is the process of adding fake snow to artificial Christmas trees. This is usually sprayed on at the factory to give the branches an authentic, wintry appearance. It looks better on higher-quality trees, as these are less likely to shed their flocking or look unconvincing.

Are 4-foot Christmas trees safe to use?

A. Artificial Christmas trees are generally safe to use indoors, especially when compared to real Christmas trees, as they pose less of a fire hazard. Be wary of children and pets around your Christmas tree and keep it at least three feet away from heat sources and electrical outlets. Always read the manufacturer’s safety instructions before setting up your artificial Christmas tree.

What’s the best 4-foot Christmas tree to buy?

Top 4-foot Christmas tree

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir

What you need to know: This undecorated, realistic and full-bodied tree is suitable for most small- to medium-sized living spaces.

What you’ll love: The Dunhill Fir features 200 neutral white lights that are pre-strung for easier assembly. Its needles are hypo-allergenic and fire-resistant, and its branches are hinged at the trunk. It comes with a sturdy metal base.

What you should consider: While assembly is easy, it takes over 30 minutes to manually shape the branches.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Lifefair Prelit Christmas Tree

Lifefair Prelit Christmas Tree

What you need to know: This is an attractive tree on a rustic pedestal that is ideal for those looking for a quick and convenient solution.

What you’ll love: The Lifefair Prelit comes prepared with ornaments and lighting right out of the box, with 150 clear lights adorning its 380 thick and realistic tips. It has multiple pinecones and red berries to complete its cheery and festive aesthetic.

What you should consider: While the tree is semi-decorated, you may wish to buy some additional ornaments to embellish the tree’s appearance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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