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Which Baby Einstein jumper is best?

If your baby isn’t sleeping as soundly as you’d like, they might need a little more exercise to tire them. Baby jumpers can drain your little one’s energy, and Baby Einstein jumpers are some of the most stimulating you can find.

A baby jumper allows your baby to safely bounce and often keeps them entertained. Baby Einstein is a brand dedicated to stimulating your child’s curiosity, so the line’s jumpers are outfitted with toys and other accessories that engage your child’s senses. If you’re looking for a top-quality jumper with plenty of activities and features to stimulate your baby, the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper is a top choice.

What to know before you buy a Baby Einstein jumper

Jumper type

A simple stationary jumper has a frame, so it’s a freestanding item. It has a seat attached to the frame with an elastic cord that allows your baby to jump. However, it doesn’t have any toys or activity options to engage your child’s senses, so all your baby can do in it is bounce safely. Baby Einstein doesn’t offer any simple stationary jumpers — all of their models are equipped with toys and other accessories to entertain your child in addition to jumping.

An activity center jumper is similar to a simple jumper because it features a frame with a seat attached by an elastic cord to allow for bouncing. However, it also has a tray with toys and other accessories that help stimulate your child’s senses. The activities usually have visual, auditory and tactile components to keep your baby entertained while jumping. Most Baby Einstein jumpers fall into this category.

A doorway jumper doesn’t have a freestanding frame. Instead, it clamps to a door frame and has a seat that hangs from a bungee cord to allow for jumping. Setting up and taking down this type of jumper can be somewhat tedious, but a doorway model usually costs less than other styles. Baby Einstein offers some doorway jumpers, which feature toys to keep your little one entertained.


Compact jumpers are usually small enough to fit against a wall, while large models generally require several inches of clearance on all sides for safe usage. Most Baby Einstein jumpers are relatively large, so check the product descriptions for the dimensions of any jumper you’re considering to ensure you have room for it in your home.

Weight limit

All baby jumpers have a specific weight limit designated by the manufacturer, so you can be certain that it’s safe for your child to use. This weight limit includes both minimum and maximum weights for the jumper.

Most jumpers usually have a maximum weight of 20-30 pounds, but Baby Einstein jumpers typically have a max weight of 25-26 pounds. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding weight limits to avoid injuring your child.

What to look for in a quality Baby Einstein jumper

Height adjustability

Baby jumpers usually allow you to adjust for your baby’s height so they can continue to use it as they grow. Manufacturers typically advertise the maximum number of height adjustments that can be made for the jumper. The more height adjustments a jumper allows, the longer your baby can use it comfortably. Baby Einstein jumpers usually allow for four or five height adjustments.


Seat design can vary among jumpers. Many seats include padding to ensure your child is comfortable. If you’re shopping for a jumper for an infant, it’s best to look for a high seat with plenty of back support since infants have trouble supporting their heads. 

Most Baby Einstein jumpers have removable, machine-washable seat covers, so it’s easy to clean up any messes or accidents that occur. The majority of Baby Einstein jumpers also feature seats that can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it easy for your baby to reach all of the attached toys and activity areas.


All Baby Einstein jumpers are outfitted with toys and other activities that engage your child’s senses to keep them entertained. The toys differ from model to model, but many jumpers have flashing lights and music. Many activities are also designed to teach your child basic facts like numbers and colors.

Some Baby Einstein jumpers also include additional loops, so you can attach toys your child already has and swap in new ones if your baby gets bored with the current setup.

Battery requirements

Most Baby Einstein jumpers require batteries to power some of the attached toys and accessories. The jumpers don’t come with the necessary batteries, so you’ll need to purchase them to allow your child to use all the features.

How much you can expect to spend on a Baby Einstein jumper

Baby Einstein jumpers range from $30 to $120. Doorway jumpers are the most affordable, usually costing $30-$50. Baby Einstein activity center jumpers vary in price based on the toys and accessories they include, but most cost between $80 and $120.

Baby Einstein jumper FAQ

What age is a Baby Einstein jumper appropriate for?

A. Your baby must be able to hold their head upright and support some of their weight on their legs before they can use a jumper. At the same time, babies who are walking won’t have much use for a jumper. Children who fall between these two milestones will get the most use and enjoyment out of a baby jumper — generally children 4-14 months of age.

How long should your baby spend in a jumper per day?

A. Experts suggest your baby shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes daily in a jumper or it may affect their motor development. Your baby can use the jumper up to twice a day.

What’s the best Baby Einstein jumper to buy?

Top Baby Einstein jumper

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

What you need to know: This well-designed ocean-themed jumper is sure to entertain and stimulate little ones while teaching them numbers, colors, vocabulary words and more.

What you’ll love: The seat can swivel 360 degrees to provide access to all the toys. It offers four easy-to-adjust height positions to grow with your child. It introduces numbers and colors to your child in English, French and Spanish. It’s easy to wipe clean.

What you should consider: Some of the toys don’t move, which can be frustrating for children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby


Top Baby Einstein jumper for the money

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

What you need to know: One of Baby Einstein’s more affordable jumpers, this activity center is ideal for engaging your baby’s senses and helping boost hand-eye coordination.

What you’ll love: It offers three play stations and more than 12 activities with lights and sounds. The light-up piano helps introduce your baby to music. Its seat swivels 360 degrees and offers five different height positions.

What you should consider: Some of the assembly can be challenging, particularly attaching the seat to the frame.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby


Worth checking out

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

What you need to know: This feature-packed jumper can inspire your baby’s musical creativity with plenty of music-themed activities to entertain and engage.

What you’ll love: The seat rotates 360 degrees, so your child can reach all the toys. It offers four height adjustments to grow with your child. The toy station is removable, so babies can play with it on the floor too. It has loops that allow you to attach more toys.

What you should consider: Some buyers report that the height options make it easy for a child to outgrow the jumper.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby


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