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Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House backpack is best?

Another school year has arrived, and yet again, you haven’t received your owl-born invitation to Hogwarts. There isn’t much that can soothe that kind of disappointment. At the very least, you can represent the House you know you belong to in your heart at your boring muggle school with an appropriately themed Hogwarts House backpack. However, there’s more to choosing a good one than just finding a design you like. You also need to ensure it has the storage space to hold your wand, quills and parchment or whatever muggles use.

Backpack features to prioritize

Size and storage

The number one feature to check for when shopping for any backpack, Hogwarts House or not, is if it has enough space for what you need. Every grade and student has different needs, so there’s no one right size to recommend. That said, make sure it at least has space for writing supplies and a book or two.


The second feature to prioritize is being comfortable. You or your child will be wearing it while likely filled with heavy books for hours a day. The wrong backpack can quickly make that unbearable. 

At a minimum, make sure the straps are adjustable so you can make it easy to put on and take off and make it hang at a comfortable height behind you. Other comfort-minded benefits include the straps being made of soft materials or being at least padded.

What Hogwarts House do I belong to?

There are two main ways to discover which house is yours. The first, and the best, is just to pick. Like Harry did in “Harry Potter in the Sorcerer’s Stone,” you have control over where you belong. All you need to do is voice your desires.

However, If you want a true Hogwarts House Sorting Hat experience, you can take the official quiz created by J.K. Rowling herself on All you need to take it is a free Harry Potter Fan Club account.

Hogwarts House features

The students of each House are historically known to share common traits.


Slytherin students are known for being ambitious and cunning, and they are often mistrusted. If you seek to be greater than all those who’ve come before you and all those who come after you, this is your house.


Gryffindor students are known for being courageous and determined, though as a consequence can be seen as brash or foolish. If you rise to every challenge, you’re likely a Gryffindor at heart.


Ravenclaw students are known for being wise and committed to pursuing knowledge, though they can come across as haughty or eccentric when discussing what they know. You’re likely a Ravenclaw if you’re top in your class.


Hufflepuff students are known for being hard-working, loyal and humble. If you stand behind your friends in their darkest hour, you are both a Hufflepuff and a treasure of a human being.

What’s the best Slytherin backpack to buy?

Best Chaigui Slytherin Backpack

Chaigui Slytherin Backpack

This backpack is perfect for keeping everything you need on you, from your books, pens and pencils to your laptop, power bank and even an umbrella. There are also multiple exterior pockets for keeping anything else you can think of on you. Sold by Amazon

Best Psylocke Slytherin Drawstring Bag

Psylocke Slytherin Drawstring Bag

This small drawstring bag is perfect for gym class or for after-school practices and clubs. The polyester fabric is strong and the drawstrings are nice and thick to avoid breaking. Sold by Amazon

Best Iclub Slytherin Crossbody Backpack

Iclub Slytherin Crossbody Backpack

This small bag is deceptively capable of hauling around whatever you need with an inner pocket, main compartment and several small compartments, including a front pocket. It also has mesh side pockets for keeping a water bottle with you. Sold by Amazon

What’s the best Gryffindor backpack to buy?

Best Harry Potter Premium Backpack

Harry Potter Premium Backpack

This is an excellent, classic backpack with a laptop pocket, one large main storage compartment and a roomy front pocket. The straps are padded and adjustable, or you can use the handle on top. Sold by Amazon

Best Harry Potter Gryffindor Lion Crest Drawstring Backpack

Harry Potter Gryffindor Lion Crest Drawstring Backpack 

If you prefer the drawstring style of a backpack but need one with room to carry your books, make it this one. The woven polyester is durable enough to handle sharp book edges and the drawstrings are comfy cotton. It also has a zipper pouch for keys and other essential items. Sold by Amazon

Best Groovy Harry Potter Gryffindor Vintage Satchel Backpack

Groovy Harry Potter Gryffindor Vintage Satchel Backpack

This backpack is large enough to carry everything you need while being a subdued black with only a Gryffindor crest. This way, you don’t have to be as in-your-face with your fandom as other backpacks. Sold by Amazon

What’s the best Ravenclaw backpack to buy?

Best Bioworld Ravenclaw Hogwarts House Harry Potter Backpack

Bioworld Ravenclaw Hogwarts House Harry Potter Backpack

This straightforward backpack focuses on the blue-and-black Ravenclaw House colors without being garish. It has a laptop pouch inside the main compartment, a large front pocket and it even comes with a Ravenclaw keychain. Sold by Amazon

Best Bioworld Harry Potter Ravenclaw Backpack

Bioworld Harry Potter Ravenclaw Backpack

This is another excellent, simple backpack that has plenty of room for what you need. It has padded and adjustable straps, a roomy top handle and two side pockets; one for a water bottle and another for an umbrella. Sold by Amazon

Best Harry Potter Ravenclaw Varsity Knapsack Backpack

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Varsity Knapsack Backpack

Backpacks, even Ravenclaw backpacks, can blur into each other with similar designs. This knapsack breaks the trends of most with a fun shape and the use of buckles to keep your supplies secured. There’s also a cute charm that says “learning.” Sold by Amazon

What’s the best Hufflepuff backpack to buy?

Best 3BoyMomTee3 Hufflepuff Harry Potter Casual Shoulder Backpack

3BoyMomTee3 Hufflepuff Harry Potter Casual Shoulder Backpack

This backpack’s printed words remind every Hufflepuff, and every Harry Potter fan that makes jokes about them, what it truly means to be a Hufflepuff. The plentiful storage options and comfortable, adjustable straps are cherries on top. Sold by Etsy

Best Bioworld Hogwarts Hufflepuff Harry Potter Mini Backpack

Bioworld Hogwarts Hufflepuff Harry Potter Mini Backpack

Sometimes it’s hard to say what’s cute, but this bag makes it easy. The tasseled zipper, small size and badger-printed yellow faux leather are a delight for any Hufflepuff student. Don’t worry, there’s still space for your supplies. Sold by Amazon

Best Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Hufflepuff Mini Backpack

Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Hufflepuff Mini Backpack

This mini backpack has all the flash of a designer bag with none of the cost. You don’t need to worry about the wind catching the flap either, thanks to a strong magnetic clasp. Sold by Amazon

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