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Which blow dryer brush is best?

Getting that perfect hairdo can be a hassle, especially on those hurried workday mornings when you are rushing to get out the door. If you are looking for a way to save yourself some time without sacrificing your appearance, a blow dryer brush could be a great choice.

As the name implies, blow dryer brushes combine two invaluable styling tools into one handy item. This way, you can blow out your hair and comb it simultaneously without having to try and use both your hands awkwardly. 

Picking the right blow dryer brushes depends on many things, including the type and length of your hair and the kinds of styles you want to achieve. That said, the Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush stands out as a top choice because it works so well for both long and short hair and can be used to add or remove curls.

What to know before you buy a blow dryer brush

Round vs. paddle blow dryer brushes

Blow dryer brushes are available in round and flat, paddle-style models. You’ll find that round brushes are the most versatile and can be used to create various styles. With round blow dryer brushes, you can create curls or flatten them out. They are also good for adding volume. Conversely, you can only use paddle brushes for straightening. However, they are better at detangling and are easier to brush through thick locks.

Brush materials

The materials of a blow dryer brush matter just as much as the shape. Brushes made with ceramic, especially tourmaline-infused ceramic, are more gentle on the hair and more effective at reducing frizz than plastic or chrome brushes for a couple of reasons. Ceramic glides through the hair without pulling or tugging at it, so there is less chance of breakage. Tourmaline releases negative ions that help to seal in moisture and enhance shine.


Some bristles are better suited to certain hair types and lengths. Sparse bristles and rounded tips are good choices for those with long or thick hair. Both of these features make them less likely to snag. Rounded tips are also gentle on the scalp. If you have short hair, short, fine bristles will be more effective at helping you create your desired style. Whichever type of bristles you opt for, you want to make sure they are sturdy materials that won’t break off or shed.

Features to look for in a quality blow dryer brush

Temperature settings

Not all hair requires the same temperature for styling, and likewise, certain styles are best achieved with cooler or warmer air. The majority of blow dryer brushes will have a high and low setting, but you can also find models with variable control dials for a bit more precision, as well as cold shot buttons.

Ion technology

Negative ions help seal cuticles to keep moisture in the hair, which helps control frizz and give the appearance of more volume. At the same time, they also scatter water droplets to help dry your hair faster.


If you want to effortlessly create curls with your blow dryer brush, consider purchasing a model that features automatic rotation. These will spin the barrel at the touch of a button so you don’t have to rotate your hand manually again and again. Before buying a brush with automatic rotation, though, make sure to check that it either has a sensor to detect tangles or a curl-release button.

Swivel cord

You’ll be maneuvering the blow dryer brush around your head as you style your hair. This makes a swivel cord an invaluable feature that helps to prevent the cord from getting tangled up. Ideally, the cord should be long enough that you can stand a comfortable distance away from the outlet too.

How much you can expect to spend on a blow dryer brush

Most blow dryer brushes cost $25-$100, with some highly advanced models costing upwards of $200.

Blow dryer brush FAQ

Are blow dryer brushes as effective as hair dryers?

A. Blow dryers are not quite as effective as blow dryers for drying hair, but they still help you save time because they can accomplish two tasks at once: drying and styling.

Can a blow dryer brush damage my hair?

A. There is always the chance that anything that gets hot can damage hair. That said, there is much less risk of damaging your hair with a blow dryer brush than with a flat or curling iron since they don’t subject your hair to very high direct heat. If you are worried about this, consider using a blow dry spray to safeguard your locks.

What is the best blow dryer brush to buy?

Top blow dryer brush

Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

What you need to know: Combining three temperature settings with a high-powered blower and ionic technology, this brush can help you achieve a variety of styles in a short amount of time.

What you’ll love: The mix of nylon and rounded tip bristles makes it suitable for most hair types. The thick barrel is very effective at creating voluminous curls too.

What you should consider: Some may find the overly thick handle can be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta

Top blow dryer brush for the money

ConAir InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler

ConAir InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler

What you need to know: Thanks to automatic rotation and ion generation to reduce frizz, this brush can get you out the door quickly in the mornings and still have you looking your best.

What you’ll love: It has anti-static boar bristles that are gentle on your hair strands to reduce the chances of breakage. It rotates both ways, too, so you can easily release curls.

What you should consider: It’s not a good choice for those with short hair.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Volumizer and Dryer

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Volumizer and Dryer

What you need to know: Though it lacks automatic rotation, the 24K One Step makes up for that with a powerful blower and charcoal-infused bristles that help to remove excess oils from your hair. 

What you’ll love: The rounded bristle tips are gentle on the scalp. Also, it features a conveniently long swivel cord.

What you should consider: The barrel can get very hot, so you need to take care not to burn your neck or fingers.

Where to buy: Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta


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