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Which Tarte makeup brush is best?

A good makeup brush will flawlessly blend and buff makeup on the surface of the skin, making it look like a natural second skin. Each makeup brush can be used to blend and apply a different beauty product. If a makeup brush is paired with the wrong beauty product, it can ruin the intended look of the product.

When purchasing a Tarte makeup brush, consider The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush, a top choice.

What to know before you buy a Tarte makeup brush 


When purchasing a Tarte makeup brush, consider where you will be applying the product and the formula and consistency of the product that you are applying. This will determine the style of makeup brush you purchase. For example, a fluffy, dense makeup brush won’t be used for cream or liquid concealers and foundations, only powder. Tarte has a specific flat head brush that provides for easier application of liquid and cream-based products.

Foundation brushes

Tarte offers many different types of brushes. The brush type determines where you will be applying the makeup. 

Foundation brushes are designed to apply both liquid and cream foundations. Some Tarte foundation brushes are flat, so they work almost like paintbrushes. Others are more densely packed, which enables them to apply and buff the makeup for a flawless finish.

Power brushes

Tarte powder brushes have a fluffy head that works well when applying powder. Tarte provides a wide array of powder brushes, but the most popular size is large, as this makes the application process quick and provides even coverage. These large brushes can be larger than similar brushes.

Cheek brushes

Tarte’s cheek brushes are angled to provide a sleek line when defining the cheek bone. Because the brush is angled, it’s used specifically to help shape and contour the face. This works well with contour powders, cream blush and liquid and powder bronzers. 

Highlighting brushes

Tarte’s highlighting bushes are smaller and less dense than other brushes. These are used to gently highlight the areas of the face that most often reflect light, including cheek bones, the tip of the nose, arch of the eyebrow and philtrum just above the lip. Brushes that are more dense can allow for the highlighting formula to provide higher shine. This style can also be used to apply eyeshadow effectively.

Concealer brushes

Tarte’s concealer brushes have a small, flat head, allowing for the precise application of concealer to blemishes and dark circles. You can also use this brush to define your brows. The tapered head of this brush allows for a more seamlessly blended makeup look. 

What to look for in a quality Tarte makeup brush


The handle of the makeup brush is what makes easily blending products on different areas of the face simple and easy. Tarte provides handles made from wood, plastic and acrylic. If the makeup brush handle is able to be balanced in your hand, then chances are it will allow you to conveniently blend your makeup. The most popular style of makeup brush is Tarte’s bamboo line, a sustainable, eco-friendly option. A few special edition brushes may feature plastic and acrylic handles. These brushes come in a set as a part of a promotion and are embellished in colorful patterns to fit the occasion. 


The bristles are the hairs at the end of the brush that allow you to blend out the makeup on your face. They are shaped to sculpt different areas of the face and are arranged based on the brush’s purpose. Bristles that are used to shape the face can be hard. Look for soft brushes to prevent irritation when purchasing a Tarte makeup brush.

Double-ended brushes

Tarte offers some double-ended makeup brushes that have a different head on each end of the brush to provide a more versatile makeup blending experience. Not only are dual ended brushes cost effective, but they allow for application of various products on different parts of your face. Consider purchasing a dual ended product if you would like to blend makeup under the eye as well as the cheekbones. Both require a different style brush, and a dual-ended product will make this process quicker. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Tarte makeup brush 

Most brushes cost between $5-$34, though less expensive brushes aren’t as soft and don’t come in as many different styles. Mid-range makeup brushes provide different lengths and handles to highlight different areas of the face and are typically between $17-$24. The most expensive brushes feature dual-ends and provide the greatest benefits and accessories at over $30.

Tarte makeup brush FAQ

Will a beauty sponge blend my product better? 

A. The rule of thumb is that a sponge buffs and a brush blends. If you want a more natural finish, using clean fingers or a smooth sponge can allow the makeup to look like a second skin while using a brush can give the makeup an airbrushed look. 

How often should I clean my Tarte makeup brushes? 

A. Washing your makeup brushes regularly is essential not only to help them last longer but can help prevent acne. Most makeup artists recommend washing your brushes at least once or twice a week.

What’s the best Tarte makeup brush to buy?

Top Tarte makeup brush 

The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush 

What you need to know: This fluffy, dome-shaped foundation brush flawlessly buffs foundation into the skin. 

What you’ll love: This brush is soft and gentle on the skin and is the perfect size to blend foundation and concealer on any part of the face. It features a long bamboo handle that aids in giving the skin an airbrushed look. 

What you should consider: This brush works best with liquid foundations and has been known to shed.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora and Amazon

Top Tarte makeup brush for the money

Babassu Foundcealer Brush 

Babassu Foundcealer Brush 

What you need to know: This high-density brush is made of soft synthetic fibers that mimic natural hair.

What you’ll love: The dense hairs make sure the makeup formula you’re blending does not absorb into the brush and leaves you with maximum pigment. It is designed with bristles of different heights to make makeup easy to buff without streaking. 

What you should consider: The painted design on the brush flakes off after the first wash. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta

Worth checking out

Quickie Double-Ended Concealer Brush 

Quickie Double-Ended Concealer Brush 

What you need to know: This brush serves to cover, correct and contour and is double ended to blend foundation and concealer on any part of the face. 

What you’ll love: The bottom brush is angled to provide the best contour and helps when building coverage. This brush is vegan and cruelty free. 

What you should consider: The brush bristles may be too hard for use under the eye. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta


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