There are plenty of exciting activities to do at your favorite beach, including building sand sculptures, playing beach volleyball and taking a dip in the water. But while you may focus your attention on the shore, don’t forget the sky. That’s because flying an aerial toy or kite is especially fun at the beach. 

Not all beach flying objects are the same. The right one will match the navigator’s age and skill set and be entertaining yet challenging. It will also sport an eye-catching design that is perfect for the beach. 

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Reasons to take an aerial toy or kite to the beach

The movement, warmth and elevation of the air at a beach make it ideal for flying a kite. That’s because the air warms and rises in many coastal regions. Additionally, minimal down and updrafts mean fewer kite crashes caused by gusts. 

Most shorelines have large, open areas that are ideal for kite flying. So unless you are in the heart of a tourist area with lots of beach umbrellas on a busy beach day, chances are you’ll find a spot on shore to go fly a kite.

It’s also visually pleasing to fly a kit at the beach. Brightly-colored kites against the horizon of the sky and sea is a beautiful site. 

Types of beach aerial toys and kites  


Classic kites feature fairly basic construction and a single control line. They are easy to fly, so they are best for kids and families. Two classic kite designs include the delta that is flexible and has a triangular shape, and diamond that has a bridle that’s attached to points in the diamond design to retain its structure when being flown. 


Parafoil kites get their name from the layers of fabric that puff up like a parachute when soaring in the air. Many kites in this category have two or more lines and are best flown by experienced kite enthusiasts. Large models are often referred to as traction kites and are useful for training purposes for those learning to kiteboard or parasail. 


Those who like to do more than just fly a kite need a stunt kite. These kites are structured to make awe-inspiring moves in the air but require a pilot who has a bit of experience to accomplish the aerial tricks. 


Flying objects with a three-dimensional design are often referred to as cellular or box kites. 

Powerful air and confident control are required to keep these kites flying, but they are definitely fun to watch and maneuver.


The sled-like design of this kite gives it its name. Sled kites have vertical spars and material that opens up when the wind lifts them. They are relatively easy to fly. 

Tips for a successful kite flight

Pick the right kite. Make sure the model you buy is suitable for the kite flyer’s age and experience level. 

Choose the appropriate spot. Never fly a kite on a beach where it could get tangled in objects or trees or interfere with other beachgoers. 

Make sure the weather is right. Bright, clear days with a breeze are ideal for beach kite-flying. Never fly a kite in extreme wind or when there’s lightning in the atmosphere. 

Prepare your kite for takeoff. Spread out the kite body and tail, and make sure the bridle and string control line are secure. 

Best beach aerial toys and kites

Mint’s Colorful Life Devil Fish Kite

Mint’s Colorful Life Devil Fish Kite

In addition to being colorful and affordable, this kite earns high marks for being easy to fly. The fun yet simple design makes it perfect for novice kite enthusiasts.

Sold by Amazon

Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite

Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite

This parafoil kite features dual lines that make it easy to control while showing off pro-level flying skills. Its frameless design is lightweight, which offers optimal maneuverability.

Sold by Amazon

Hengda Kite Octopus Flyer Kite

Hengda Kite Octopus Flyer Kite

A fun, colorful design that’s straightforward to control makes this adorable octopus kite a good pick for young kite flyers. Kids and the young-at-heart love to watch the tentacles flow in the sea breeze when it’s in the air high above the shoreline.

Sold by Amazon


In the Breeze Coloring Sled Kite

In the Breeze Coloring Sled Kite

Young kite lovers will be enthused to customize this kite with the included crayons. Kids can easily control and fly the frameless sled design. It’s affordable too.

Sold by Amazon

HONBO Large Delta Kite

Honbo Large Delta Kite

Not only is this kite affordable and colorful, but it’s also easy to fly, thanks to the traditional delta design. The dual tails look great when it’s in flight.

Sold by Amazon

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