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Should you buy a gaming chair? 

Avid gamers often experience back, neck and shoulder pain after long gaming sessions. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your next campaign or switch your console off for good, just consider buying a gaming chair to provide the right type of support. 

If you’re not yet sold on the idea, you may be wondering what the benefits of gaming chairs are and whether they have any drawbacks. They might not be perfect, but the pros outweigh the cons for most gamers.

Benefits of gaming chairs

Is it worth having a dedicated chair for gaming or will any other seat in your home do? If you’re not sure whether buying a gaming chair is the right call, learning some of the benefits may sway your decision. 


One of the main benefits of this type of chair is its comfort. If you’re sick of getting a dead leg, sore back or crick in your neck while you’re gaming, a comfy chair might be just what the doctor ordered. Most are well-padded in both the seat and the back, plus armrests and headrests increase your overall comfort even further. 


Not only are they comfortable but they offer support. Quality chairs for gaming will have good lumbar support to help prevent pain in the lower back. Many also offer support all the way up the back through to the head and neck, helping avoid pain in the neck and shoulders. Armrests offer support for the arms and help keep your wrists and hands in a more ergonomic position, which could reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. 


While not all gaming chairs are adjustable, many are. The more points of adjustability there are, such as the back, seat height, and armrests, the easier it is to tailor the chair to meet your needs. The more you can adjust your chair, the more likely it is to provide the support you need for long gaming sessions. 

Better gaming experience

Some chairs have built-in speakers and some even have vibration options that rumble at the same times as your console controller vibrates. These functions can enhance your gaming experience, making it more immersive. If you opt for a chair with these types of features, make sure it’s compatible with your game console or gaming setup. Some connect with other chairs at the same time, which is great if you often play with others in your household.

Improved concentration

Because you’re comfortable and supported in your chair, you may find this improves your concentration and reaction time. Nobody can promise the next time you turn on your Switch, you’ll race to the top of the Mario Kart leader board, but it might just help you beat that boss you’ve been having trouble with.


If you’re worried that you won’t use your gaming chair often enough to make it worth your while, consider that most work well for a range of functions. Upright PC gaming chairs double up and comfortable and supportive office chairs. You can use them while you work or study or whenever you spend time at a desk. Rocker chairs make for great reading chairs and are great for watching TV in. 

Drawbacks of gaming chairs

Of course, gaming chairs aren’t without their flaws, so it’s important to consider their drawbacks before buying. You might realize the office chair you already have is perfectly good for PC gaming or you’re happy to play console games from the couch.


Quality gaming chairs aren’t cheap. While you can find rocker chairs for less than $100, the best cost $100-$200. Larger chairs for desktop gaming are even pricier, with high-end versions costing as much as $300-$500. For some buyers, this is just too much of an outlay. Of course, you can find budget options, but some would rather make do with the chair they’ve already got than buy one that isn’t up to scratch. 


You may be put off by the fact they’re fairly bulky. Upright chairs for gaming are significantly bigger than standard desk chairs, so in a bedroom or small office, they may take up too much space. Rockers are somewhat smaller and often fold so you can store them when they aren’t being used, but they can still take up too much floor space in a small living room. 


Not always the most attractive or refined pieces of furniture, if you’re hot on interior design, you may not want to let a chair of this type into your home. Of course, you can find some more stylish alternatives, but they’re likely to cost more than average chairs, and you may sacrifice some function in favor of form. 

May encourage excessive use

It’s important to be comfortable and have proper support while gaming, but it isn’t good for anyone to sit all day. Nobody’s saying you shouldn’t have the occasional mammoth gaming session, but regularly gaming eight hours a day could be detrimental to your health. If you think you’d rarely get up from your gaming seat, it might be better to stick with a less comfortable one.

Best gaming chairs

Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chairi

Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chair

Soft yet supportive with a total lumbar support system, this chair will keep you comfortable through long gaming sessions. 

Sold by Amazon

Dowing Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair 

Made from breathable fabric, you can play for hours without overheating, which can be a problem in leather and faux leather chairs. 

Sold by Amazon

X Rocker Surge Wireless Gaming Chair

X Rocker Surge Wireless Gaming Chair

With built-in speakers, this chair takes your gaming experience to another level. The rocker design is perfect for console gaming. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair

This low to the ground swivel chair is ideal for all kinds of console gaming. It even folds so it takes up less room when you aren’t using it. 

Sold by Amazon


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