Is the Almond Cow nut milk maker worth it?

Many choose almond milk over dairy to improve their health and reduce their carbon footprint. Still, buying cartons of almond milk leads to unnecessary trash. The Almond Cow Milk Maker promises a planet-friendly alternative for those who drink almond milk. We decided to put this device to the test to see how well it works in a home kitchen.

Testing Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker

We strive to investigate every claim the brand/manufacturer makes about the product. For this article, our tester set up a new Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker and used it to make almond milk. They’ve made almond milk by hand in the past, but this was their first time using an almond milk machine.

They paid close attention to the product’s tidiness and quickness to determine whether the process was faster and cleaner than making almond milk manually.

What is the Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker?

This almond milk maker features a collector cup, filter and base. It let us make almond milk at the press of a button and automatically separated the pulp, cutting down on the time it took us to prepare a glass of milk.

The blades used to blend the milk are incredibly sharp, so you must be careful while you clean it. Our tester sliced their sponge while trying to wash the blades.

Almond Cow Milk Maker price and where to buy

This almond milk machine costs around $250 and can be purchased from Amazon.

How to use the Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker

Using the Almond Cow was straightforward; it only took us around 5 minutes to read the instructions and assemble it. When making almond milk, you first have to soak your almonds overnight. We then added the almonds and sweetener to the device’s inner basket and secured it to the lid. After filling the base with water, we connected the cover and basket to the base and pressed the start button. The machine had to run a few cycles before the milk was ready, but it only took a few minutes. After the milk was done, we took the lid and basket off and poured our milk into an airtight container. Cleanup was the longest part of the process.

Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker benefits

  • Packaging: It was well-packaged and seemed safe. We liked that the components weren’t wrapped in unnecessary plastic, as it seemed to fit the brand’s claims about producing less waste.
  • Ease of use: This machine is incredibly intuitive, requiring only a single button to operate. Setting it up was just as easy. The most time-consuming steps are soaking your almonds and cleaning up. Still, it’s fast and easy compared to traditional methods.
  • Saves space: Making almond milk by hand requires numerous dishes and can feel cumbersome if you don’t have much counter space. This device had everything we needed in one compact package.
  • Top-notch filter: We never noticed any pulp making its way into our milk. The filter was excellent, although it was the most challenging part to clean.
  • Tidy: Traditional methods for making almond milk almost always leave a mess on your counter. This almond milk maker kept everything contained and didn’t result in any spills.
  • Versatility: You can use it to make almond milk, soy milk, oat milk and more. The Almond Cow website has hundreds of recipes, including many that use leftover pulp to prevent waste.
  • Design: This machine features a sleek, stainless steel design. It’s compact, and we wouldn’t mind leaving it on our counter.

Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker drawbacks

The machine came with a drawstring bag that didn’t seem like it would do a great job protecting it if we traveled with it. Other than that, there isn’t anything to complain about — this machine did what the manufacturer said it would.

Should you get the Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker?

Best Almond Cow Milk Maker

Almond Cow Milk Maker

We recommend the Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker to anyone interested in making their own almond milk. Making almond milk at home will always be more challenging than buying it at the store, but this machine makes it easy. Our tester thought it made a tastier product than store-bought nut milk, too. It’s handy for those who like other vegan milk alternatives as well.

Sold by Amazon

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