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Which fairy jar is best?

Whether you live in a cottage swaddled in the deep forest or at the peak of a skyscraper in a vibrant city, a fairy jar can add a perfect touch of magic to your home. Sold by mass-production companies and individual artists alike, these decorative lanterns glimmer in an array of whimsical designs.

Vcdsoy’s Solar Fairy Lantern Mason Jar Colorful Light can be perched on any shelf or hung outside as an understated but unique ornament for your home. These fairy jars light up the night with multicolored string lights that glow behind purple frosted glass.

What to know before you buy a fairy jar

Even the simplest fairy jars can add a magical touch to any room. These charming decorations can stand alone or be paired with fairy lights to give your room an enchanting atmosphere.


The standard fairy jar is a mason jar filled with glitter, an illuminating device and other decorative items. Fairy jars can be as simple as paper silhouettes plastered to the side or they can be meticulously decorated terrariums.


Most fairy jars have some form of illumination inside. There are an array of options to choose from. Scrolling through Pinterest will reveal fairy jar “recipes” that light up with candles, tiny bulbs, glowing paint or glow stick (phosphorescent) powder.

You may not want to purchase a fairy jar made with glowing powder if you have children who are too curious for their own good. Phosphorescent powder, even when advertised as nontoxic, has chemicals that are harmful if directly touched. On a side note, if you do decide to get a glowing fairy jar, make sure it is made with phosphorescent, not fluorescent, powder. Phosphorescents glow in the dark, while fluorescents only glow when exposed to black light.

Continuing to consider safety, be careful using candlelit fairy jars. Opt for flameless candles. Fairy jars are beautiful, but they do not need to be a fire hazard to fill your room with a magical ambiance.

Recipes and art

You can make fairy jars from scratch, with materials from local stores and by following online instructions to put it together. You also can purchase kits with all the pieces you need. If you’re looking for something more polished or simply do not have the artistic expertise to craft something, you can purchase finished fairy jars. These are handmade by skilled artists, ready to be carefully packed and shipped to your door.

What to look for in a quality fairy jar

Fairy jars are defined by their ability to shine. They should have lights that are long-lasting or easily replaceable. The jar should have fascinating details that hold up as time goes on.

Working light

The primary ingredient of a fairy jar is a working light. The light can be flame, artificial light or glow powder, but it should illuminate the jar in some manner. Any fairy jar with dim lighting or no shining embellishments is not a quality decorative piece.


Contrary to common belief, fairy jars do not need to conform to a fantasy forest theme. Fairy jars can be styled after pop culture, gothic and urban themes. They have great versatility as decorative objects and can be suited to anyone’s taste, no matter how eccentric. A quality fairy jar has features that set it apart from the others, making it a unique find and dazzling addition to any household.

Outdoor considerations

Finding a jar made of glass and stainless steel framing is advised if you intend on placing your fairy jar outside. If you buy a pre-crafted jar, check that it has an IP65 waterproof class rating to ensure that soft rain and condensation will not deteriorate the material. If you are keeping your jar indoors, these details are inconsequential.

How much you can expect to spend on a fairy jar

Fairy jars usually cost $10-$15 per jar and can be sold individually or in sets. Fairy jar kits average around $20.

Fairy jar FAQ

How long do fairy jars last?

A. Depending on the light source, fairy jars can last for either hours or years. Fairy jars illuminated by candles and bulbs can last years if their light sources are constantly replaced. Candles and bulbs have an inconclusive runtime, although the manufacturers may list their estimated durations. Fairy jars made with glowing paint need only to be placed under a light to “recharge” the paint’s glowing effect. Phosphorescent powder lasts the shortest amount of time, dimming after only a few hours.

Are fairy jars safe for children?

A. Fairy jars can be made safe for children; just avoid materials that are typically considered dangerous for young kids. Use LED bulbs that do not give off heat and opt for a plastic jar instead of glass.

What’s the best fairy jar to buy?

Top fairy jar

Vcdsoy Solar Fairy Lantern Mason Jar Colorful Light - 2 Pack

Vcdsoy Solar Fairy Lantern Mason Jar Colorful Light – 2 Pack

What you need to know: This set includes two fairy silhouettes in a lantern-style jar.

What you’ll love: This jar is solar-powered and waterproof with an IP65 rating, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. It comes with hemp rope handles and garden stakes so you can place it anywhere.

What you should consider: The jars are made of plastic instead of glass.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fairy jar for the money

NysaNymphNecessities Frosted Fairy Jar Light

NysaNymphNecessities Frosted Fairy Jar Light

What you need to know: These are individual 16-ounce fairy jars with three fairy silhouettes to choose from.

What you’ll love: The glass jars are hand frosted and decorated with glitter and fake-flower rims. Each one includes a battery-powered tealight.

What you should consider: Each fairy jar must be purchased individually.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Prim Witchery Lighted Fairy Jar

Prim Witchery Lighted Fairy Jar

What you need to know: These are individual glass fairy jars made to order with multiple customization options.

What you’ll love: The vine of flowers across the lid comes in five color options and there are eight glitters from which to pick. There are 17 fairy silhouettes to choose from, each one illuminated by an included yellow LED tealight.

What you should consider: All the flower, glitter and vinyl options are not always available.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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