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Which Cuckoo rice cooker is best?

Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world, with billions of people enjoying the grain on a daily basis. But if you’re short on time, you may not be able to make rice on the stovetop. That’s where a rice cooker comes in handy. 

As the number-one rice cooker brand in Korea, Cuckoo is famous for manufacturing innovative, reliable and easy-to-use rice cookers. For an appliance that’s all of the above, check out the Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-061F.

What to know before you buy a Cuckoo rice cooker

Reasons to purchase a Cuckoo rice cooker

Cuckoo may not be the most famous rice cooker manufacturer in the West, but they have a loyal and devoted fan base. This is because, unlike other rice cooker manufacturers, Cuckoo specializes in pressure cooking and stylish design. Korean rice cooker companies such as Cuckoo are also known for producing appliances with an impressive nonstick surface, so you can keep your rice hot for days without the risk of burning the grains or drying them out. Cuckoo rice cookers are also capable of preparing other foods, including porridge, quinoa and even pot roast, with various cooking modes and texture settings available. 

Pressure cooking

Unlike some rice cookers, Cuckoo appliances utilize pressure cooking technology to prepare large quantities of rice fast. These cookers have a sealed lid that traps steam, causing a buildup of pressure that allows the heat level to rise well past the boiling temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It also keeps the steam from evaporating, which means you’ll get rice that’s fluffier and more flavorful in about half the cooking time. 


Cuckoo rice cookers can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Think about how much rice you plan to cook when settling on the capacity. Most devices hold between 6-10 cups of rice, but keep in mind that some appliances will be describing the capacity of “uncooked” rice, whereas others may be describing the appliance’s “cooked” rice capacity. Read the product details closely to confirm. 

What to look for in a quality Cuckoo rice cooker

Smart cooking technology

Many Cuckoo rice cookers use smart technology to detect the weight of your food and adjust the settings accordingly. Some can even use this feature to detect the type of grain that you’re using. Other Cuckoo appliances may come with a smartphone app that let you set timers and adjust the temperature of your rice cooker no matter where you are. 


Cuckoo rice cookers are famous for boasting stylish and compact designs that you won’t mind having on your kitchen counter at all times. When selecting a Cuckoo rice cooker, look for an appliance that will blend in with your existing kitchen decor. 

Voice control

Most Cuckoo rice cookers also feature some degree of voice control capability, which can be helpful if you have your hands full in the kitchen. This feature lets you change the language of the voice, adjust the volume or turn it off altogether. 


Cuckoo rice cookers usually come with a handful of bonus accessories, including a measuring cup, rice spatula and even a steam tray that lets you prepare vegetables and other side dishes while your rice is cooking. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Cuckoo rice cooker

The cost of a Cuckoo rice cooker can vary widely depending on its size, construction and included features. On the low end, these devices typically cost around $100-$300, while high-end appliances regularly exceed $400. 

Cuckoo rice cooker FAQ

What is the GABA rice mode on my Cuckoo rice cooker? 

A. This setting is used to cook rice at a low temperature and incredibly slowly, allowing the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) to gradually increase. Among other health benefits, GABA rice is said to be great for boosting the immune system and preventing high cholesterol. 

How do you clean your Cuckoo rice cooker?

A. The manufacturer recommends unplugging your rice cooker, removing the rice pot and wiping down all of the components with a damp rag and a mixture of vinegar and water. Some models may also feature a steam clean setting that can be activated after every use to prevent a starch buildup. 

What’s the best Cuckoo rice cooker to buy?

Top Cuckoo rice cooker

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-061F

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-061F

What you need to know: This Cuckoo rice cooker has a stylish appearance and large capacity for a reasonable price. 

What you’ll love: This versatile cooker has a capacity of six cups of uncooked rice, and there are various menu options for white rice, brown rice and porridge. There’s a steam-clean function and a quick-cook feature. 

What you should consider: This rice cooker is a bit heavier than other models. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Cuckoo rice cooker for the money

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-0351FR

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-0351FR

What you need to know: This affordable rice cooker has big features in a small package. 

What you’ll love: Perfect if you’re only preparing rice for one or two people, this Cuckoo rice cooker features various menu options and smart cooking technology that regulates temperature and detects the weight of your food. 

What you should consider: This rice cooker isn’t suitable for families or large groups of people. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cuckoo Electric Twin Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-LHTR1009F

Cuckoo Electric Twin Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-LHTR1009F

What you need to know: If you want a truly advanced Cuckoo rice cooker, this huge appliance has everything you need. 

What you’ll love: This cooker has a spacious capacity of ten cups of uncooked rice and features over 16 menu options, including porridge and stew. The twin pressure technology lets you choose between pressure cooking and induction heat. 

What you should consider: This rice cooker is expensive, putting it out of reach for many casual chefs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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