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Which black patio furniture is best?

Every homeowner’s favorite thing to have is a nice backyard patio. It’s a place to grill, sunbathe and entertain. It’s your own private park. But, like any room inside your home, you need some furniture to complete it. Black patio furniture is a good pick, thanks to how hard it is for wear and tear to show and the fact that it simply looks good in any yard.

A top choice for black patio furniture is the Grand Patio Five-Piece Patio Furniture Set. However, it’s best suited to cooler backyards.

What to know before you buy black patio furniture

Black patio furniture set types

There are three main types of black patio furniture sets: conversation, dining and bistro.

  • Conversation sets are perfect for hanging out. They can include any number of seating combinations from only two to 10-plus. They usually include a small table, but nothing large enough to hold more than a few drinks.
  • Dining sets are all about eating outside. They usually have at least four chairs, though larger sizes are more common, in addition to a sizable table.
  • Bistro sets are somewhat of a combination. They include a small table that’s just big enough to hold plates of food plus two or four chairs.


Patio furniture, even when restricted to a majority color black, comes in a huge variety of styles. There’s modern, minimalistic, rustic, vintage, post-modern, farmhouse and more. When shopping for styles, try to find a set that complements your home’s interior and exterior designs.

What to look for in quality black patio furniture

Frame material

Black patio furniture frames can be various materials, each with its own pros and cons.

  • Iron frames are heavy, durable and expensive. Many are so heavy, wheels are installed on their undersides so you can move them around as needed. Most maintenance revolves around treating rust.
  • Steel frames are lighter and nearly as durable, plus a little more affordable. They also require rust-related maintenance.
  • Aluminum frames are light, affordable and naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. They also require little maintenance, though they can easily blow away in stiff winds.
  • Plastic frames are cheap, recyclable and easy to move in and out of storage as needed. They don’t last, but they’re perfect for those who infrequently take advantage of their patios.
  • Wicker frames are light and reasonably durable. They’re one of the most aesthetically pleasing options.
  • Wood frames are beautiful but are expensive and high maintenance. There are dozens of woods to choose from, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.


Many black patio furniture sets include cushions. The best cushions have covers that are heavily outdoor-proof. This includes UV, water and wind resistance. They can also be removable and machine-washable.

How much you can expect to spend on black patio furniture

Black patio furniture sets cost anywhere between $100 and thousands of dollars. Most sets cost $100-$1,000, with the $500 area serving as a divider between sets of medium and high quality. Premium, specialty, designer and extra-large sets usually start around $1,500 and can reach unfathomable costs.

Black patio furniture FAQ

How hot can black patio furniture get?

A. Depending on the material and the exact temperature, pretty hot. Black metal frames can become positively boiling in high temperatures with direct sun exposure, although aluminum won’t get as hot as steel. Most black fabrics can become noticeably warmer but not so hot as to be uncomfortable.

How long does a set of black patio furniture last?

A. That depends on a few factors, including the quality of your set and how well you maintain it. The average set put into storage when adverse weather strikes and is reasonably maintained can last for many years. Treat a cheap set badly, and you’ll be lucky to get a year out of it. One method of gauging longevity is to check its warranty. Longer-lasting and more comprehensive warranties always point to a more durable set.

What’s the best black patio furniture to buy?

Top black patio furniture 

Grand Patio Five-Piece Patio Furniture Set

Grand Patio Five-Piece Patio Furniture Set

What you need to know: If you live in a cooler climate, this set is perfect for you.

What you’ll love: This set includes four rocking chairs with grey cushions and a central gas-powered fire pit. The cushion covers are machine-washable, and the chairs use Velcro to prevent the cushions from sliding. The fire pit can reach 50,000 British thermal units, which is very hot.

What you should consider: Some consumers didn’t receive the fire pit with the chairs. Others struggled to follow the assembly instructions. A few had issues with the chairs bottoming out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black patio furniture for the money

Greesum Four-Piece Patio Furniture Set

Greesum Four-Piece Patio Furniture Set

What you need to know: This set is simple and affordable.

What you’ll love: This set includes one wide bench, two chairs and a glass-topped coffee table. The chairs use mesh for breathability and to allow precipitation to pass through. The frames are made of rust-resistant steel and have rubber feet for stability. It includes everything you need for assembly.

What you should consider: Some consumers struggled to assemble the set. They do offer expert assembly, but it is expensive. Others reported receiving damaged frames or mesh.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Flash Furniture Six-Piece Nantucket Black Patio Furniture Set

Flash Furniture Six-Piece Nantucket Black Patio Furniture Set

What you need to know: This is another great budget set.

What you’ll love: This set includes four chairs, a glass-topped table and an umbrella. The umbrella is easy to take down and set up as needed and the chairs fold up for simple storage. The chairs and table are powder-coated steel for durability. Most consumers found assembly easy.

What you should consider: Some consumers didn’t receive various parts, such as necessary assembly tools. The umbrella isn’t durable compared to the chairs and the table.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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