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Which cat dental treat is best?

Proper oral hygiene is extremely important for cats to keep their gums and teeth healthy during the course of their life, and cat dental treats can improve their oral health. It’s important to understand the kind of cat dental treats you purchase, since they don’t all have the same level of quality and effectiveness. Greenies Feline Dental Treats are a nutritious and tasty cat dental treat that most cats really enjoy.

What to know before you buy a cat dental treat

Active ingredients

Some cat dental treats have synthetic active ingredients, while others contain natural ingredients. For example, catnip is a natural active ingredient that helps freshen your cat’s breath, while green tea extract focuses on removing plaque-forming bacteria from your cat’s teeth. 

There are also some synthetic active ingredients, like sodium hexametaphosphate and chlorhexidine gluconate. Sodium hexametaphosphate helps bind salivary calcium to reduce and prevent tartar formation, while chlorhexidine gluconate helps prevent gingivitis and reduce plaque.

Mildly abrasive ingredients

Cat dental treats also usually have some mildly abrasive ingredients in addition to their active ingredients. These ingredients scrub their gums and teeth, much like a toothbrush. These abrasive ingredients include both minerals like silicon dioxide, and natural food ingredients like flaxseed and oat fiber. Abrasive ingredients can’t clean teeth as effectively as manual teeth brushing, but they can certainly help.


Cat dental treats also come in a diverse array of flavors, including salmon, chicken, blueberry and catnip. You should choose a flavor that you know your cat will enjoy.

Treats per day

You should feed your cat dental treats every day, but the number of treats you feed them differs from one brand to another. Some companies suggest feeding your cat only a few treats a day, while other companies suggest a maximum of over 15 treats on a daily basis. The worse your pet’s dental hygiene, the higher number of treats you may need to feed them.

What to look for in a quality cat dental treat


Cats don’t really need any grains in their diets, since they’re obligate carnivores. You might want to select a grain-free cat dental treat for your pet.

VOHC approved

The Veterinary Oral Health Council, also known as the VOHC, is an organization established to recognize various pet products that meet certain criteria for decreasing and neutralizing tartar and plaque in pets’ teeth. 

Any cat dental treats that either meet or exceed the criteria are officially accepted by the VOHC and can hold the seal of approval. Finding VOHC approved or accepted cat dental treats helps make sure that they actually work.


There are accessories that come with some cat dental treats, including water additives, dental care supplements, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Water additives are perfect for fussy eaters that won’t consume their food with a dental care supplement added but enjoy drinking water. 

Dental care supplements can help reduce your cat’s plaque and decrease the amount of tartar in their teeth. And toothbrushes and toothpaste are helpful if your cat allows you to brush their teeth.

How much you can expect to spend on a cat dental treat

Cat dental treats range in price from about $2-$25. The most basic cat dental treats cost about $2-$5, while midrange cat dental treats vary in price from about $5-$10. Higher-end cat dental treats go for about $10-$25.

Cat dental treat FAQ

What can you do to keep your cat’s teeth clean?

A. Brushing your cat’s teeth is the best method you can use to keep them clean, but some cats simply won’t comply with teeth brushing. Begin brushing their teeth slowly and you might find that they gradually get used to having their teeth brushed. You can also try using dental health supplements or water additives. Both of these products can help prevent your cat’s plaque from turning into tartar.

Do cat dental treats actually work?

A. Yes, cat dental treats actually work, but they aren’t designed to be the only kind of dental care that your cat receives. Instead, they’re meant to be an additional boost to their dental hygiene in between teeth brushing. If you aren’t able to brush your cat’s teeth at all, they should get regular professional cleanings.

What’s the best cat dental treat to buy?

Top cat dental treat

Greenies Feline Dental Treats

Greenies Feline Dental Treats

What you need to know: These all-natural cat dental treats from Greenies are effective and nutritious and come from a trusted brand.

What you’ll love: These healthy dental treats have natural ingredients, including taurine, minerals and vitamins, as well as a unique texture and shape to decrease tartar and avoid buildup.

What you should consider: These treats are on the pricey side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cat dental treat for the money

Hartz Dentist’s Best Chicken Flavored Dental Treats

Hartz Dentist’s Best Chicken-Flavored Dental Treats

What you need to know: These cat dental treats from Hartz support your cat’s healthy gums and teeth, and cats love the tasty flavor.

What you’ll love: These dental treats feature a crunchy consistency that boosts gum and dental health and includes DentaShield rawhide, which works well at decreasing and removing tartar.

What you should consider: These cat dental treats are fairly small, so some cats swallow the treats without chewing them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

VetIQ Minties Dental Cat Treats

VetIQ Minties Dental Cat Treats

What you need to know: This cat dental treat has a crunchy texture and extra dental care ingredients that improve oral health and freshen breath.

What you’ll love: VetIQ cat dental treats are free of soy, corn and wheat and use sodium hexametaphosphate to decrease tartar buildup and scrape away plaque, as well as catnip to freshen breath.

What you should consider: This cat dental treat might be too difficult for many cats to chew.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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