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Which Under Armour women’s shoes are best?

Shopping for a new pair of athletic shoes can be overwhelming given the sheer number of brands, models and styles to choose from. However, if you want to narrow it down, Under Armour is a top athletic-wear brand with plenty of quality women’s shoes.

The best Under Armour women’s shoes provide long-lasting comfort and are durable enough to get you through your workout or your day. For example, the Under Armour Women’s Project Rock 4 Training Shoes are excellent for anyone looking for versatile athletic shoes. They’re comfortable, lightweight and responsive.

What to know before you buy Under Armour women’s shoes


Whether you plan on wearing your shoes at work, to run errands or work out, they must fit comfortably. Although both the shape and build of the shoes play a role in how comfortable they feel, the most important thing is wearing the correct size.

If you wear shoes that are too tight, you’ll soon feel discomfort, and if you wear shoes that are too large, you may find yourself tripping more often than you’d like. Neither scenario is appealing, so getting shoes with a snug fit and a bit of room in the toe area is ideal.

Men’s vs. women’s shoes

Men’s and women’s Under Armour shoes look nearly identical, so you may wonder what their differences are. Regarding functionality, there are none. However, there are some differences in arch support, width and the size of the toe area. Also, men’s sizing charts differ from women’s, and you’re far more likely to find women’s shoes with traditionally feminine color styles.

What do you want to get out of your Under Armour shoes?

Unless you want them to play a specific sport, most Under Armour shoes are versatile enough to wear for various activities. Under Armour makes its shoes durable, comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear them for jogging, weightlifting, light yard work, running errands, and even at work if athletic shoes are permitted.

What to look for in quality Under Armour women’s shoes


Whether you’re jogging or running errands, your shoes must be breathable. A mesh knit upper facilitates air ventilation and helps keep your feet cool and dry for extended periods. It also makes a shoe more flexible and suitable for fast strides or quick lateral movements.

Midsole cushioning

The midsoles of any athletic shoes must contain sufficient foam cushioning if you want to feel comfortable while wearing them. Some shoes have a long piece of foam that helps prevent them from twisting, making them more stable. Others have several pockets of cushioning in the midsole to provide added comfort in high-impact zones such as the heel.


If you’ve ever owned shoes with poor grip, you know how frustrating and dangerous they can be. The rubber outsole should be thick, durable and have a textured pattern on the bottom that lets them grip various surfaces. It helps prevent slipping and sliding and is necessary for running or jogging.

How much you can expect to spend on Under Armour women’s shoes

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of Under Armour shoes, you can find one for $50-$125. However, if you want something more durable made with advanced technology, expect to pay up to $200.

Under Armour women’s shoes FAQ

Are there Under Armour shoes with a broader build?

A. Most Under Armour shoes are designed with a sleek shape and provide a snug fit. However, some models have an alternative wide-foot option.

How long do Under Armour shoes last?

A. They’re made with high-quality materials, so on average, they should last about six to 24 months, depending on how often you use them.

What are the best Under Armour women’s shoes to buy?

Top Under Armour women’s shoes

Best Under Armour Women’s Project Rock 4 Training Shoes

Under Armour Women’s Project Rock 4 Training Shoes

What you need to know: These breathable shoes provide all-day comfort and responsiveness, making them ideal for running and other high-impact exercises.

What you’ll love: The midsoles are packed with cushioning for efficient energy transfer and more explosiveness on each stride. The bottom plate has the company’s TriBase technology for superior stability and grip, and the sockliner and knit collar make them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

What you should consider: Some reviewers report that the memory foam in the heel feels awkward in the toe area during lateral movements.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Under Armour women’s shoes for the money

Best Under Armour Women’s Charged Impulse Knit Running Shoes

Under Armour Women’s Charged Impulse Knit Running Shoes

What you need to know: These shoes have a traditional Under Armour design and are excellent for jogging and moderate exercise.

What you’ll love: They’re lightweight, have a breathable mesh upper for superior air ventilation and flexibility, and the bootie construction offers a secure fit. They have Dual-Layer Charged cushioning in the midsole for stability, responsiveness and shock absorption, and the reflective details help boost visibility in low-light environments.

What you should consider: They run small, and some customers found them less flexible than other Under Armour shoes.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Best Under Armour Women’s Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes

Under Armour Women’s Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes

What you need to know: These shoes offer excellent performance on various surfaces and are ideal for dedicated runners and joggers.

What you’ll love: These shoes were engineered using 3D foot scans to enhance them specifically for women. The ankle collar provides a secure fit, and the sockliner delivers a plush feel on every step. Also, the one-piece Flow technology midsole offers added comfort and responsiveness.

What you should consider: They run large.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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