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Which ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pops are best?

When “Adventure Time” first aired back in 2010, it changed the cartoon industry. For the first time, cartoons were able to tackle complex issues, such as gender and LGBTQ perspectives, nuclear war and parental abandonment. It went on to become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless games, comic books, toys, and of course, Funko Pop. 

Out of the countless “Adventure Time” Funko Pop figures on the market, the best one you can get is the Funko POP Television BMO Adventure Time Vinyl Figure. Although BMO is more of a supporting character, his cute design and small stature make him ideal for a Funko Pop rendition. 

What to know before you buy an ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop

The ‘Adventure Time’ Impact

“Adventure Time” followed Jake and Finn, a human and a magic dog on their quests in and around the fantastical Land of Oo. Despite a simple premise, the show changed how big-name studios utilized small, indie artists, started the conversation of LGBTQ characters within mainstream cartoons, and discussed dark topics, such as death, war and abandonment. The show was a hit with teens and adults, with some episodes even gaining over 3 million viewers. It has won countless awards, including the Primetime Emmy, the Peabody Award and the Annie Award.

The Funko Pop design

Funko is a toymaker that hit gold when it released the Pop line of toys. These toys resemble bobbleheads, but are completely static (with the exception of a few), and typically feature characters with oversized heads, small bodies and large, circular eyes. The real success behind the line is the countless partnerships with popular brands, from Star Wars and Marvel to Tupac and Elvis. Even though the overall design remains the same, there are unique details added to each one, such as a costume, prop or hairstyle.

Differences in price

Funko Pop prices vary wildly, from around $12 all the way up to extremely rare figurines that fetch about $13,000. The extreme price differences can be attributed to a couple of factors: the number of produced figures in the line, the rarity of the figures and the condition of the box.

What to look for in a quality ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop

Funko Design

Funko Pop has an unmistakably unique design resembling chibi art style. Look out for the oversized heads and the dots for eyes. There are a couple manufacturers that try to pass themselves off as Funko!, but are really just producing figurines that look cute. Funko’s design remains consistent throughout numerous brands. Keep in mind that there are numerous Funko designs, including a collaboration with Minecraft, and various keychains. Funko Pop is the most popular line, and likely the one you are looking for.

Original Packaging

Funko Pop boxes always feature the Funko Pop logo, as well as the logo of the brand where the figurine is from. It can be easy to find counterfeits that pass off similar toys, but the box branding is always a dead giveaway. The packaging will not only keep the figure safe, but if you’re a collector, it will ensure the figure retains its value. However, do keep in mind that the boxes are made with thin card and plastic, and are vulnerable to damage if you are having the product shipped.

Funko Pop sets

Like most figurines, they come as part of a set where you must collect each figurine. Completing a set can be a fun challenge and a rewarding display. For “Adventure Time,” keep an eye out for popular characters from the show, including Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Flame Princess, the Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline the Vampire.

How much you can expect to spend on an ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop

“Adventure Time” Funko Pop Figures start at around $12, which is also the usual retail price. They can soar up to $100 for out-of-stock lines. 

‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop FAQ

Why do some figures look blocky, while others look like the regular Pop figures?

A. The chibi-style figures are part of the Pop line of toys. The blocky figures are part of a collaboration with Minecraft, as the game features blocky characters. There are other lines that look slightly different, including bobbleheads or small, keychain versions of figures.

Are Funko Pop figures hollow or solid?

A. Funko Pop figures are hollow, but are solid all around. If you were to drop it in water, they should float.

What are the best ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pops to buy?

Top ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop

Funko POP Television BMO Adventure Time Vinyl Figure

Funko POP Television BMO Adventure Time Vinyl Figure

What you need to know: BMO is one of the fan favorites, and his cute design lends itself perfectly to the Funko Pop design. 

What you’ll love: BMO already resembles a Funko Pop character, so this figure almost looks like a 1:1 recreation of his cartoon version.

What you should consider: BMO is one of the most popular “Adventure Time” figures and is frequently sold at a higher price.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top ‘Adventure Time’ Funko Pop for the money

Funko Pop Vinyl Adventure Time Finn Figure

Funko Pop Vinyl Adventure Time Finn Figure

What you need to know: Own a Funko Pop version of Finn the Human, featuring his classic blue shirt and shorts, black shoes and his white hat.

What you’ll love: Finn has a playful expression and is wearing his signature green backpack.

What you should consider: Unfortunately, Finn does not have his sword in this figure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Television: Adventure Time - Minecraft Jake Collectible Figure

Funko Pop Television: Adventure Time – Minecraft Jake Collectible Figure

What you need to know: An unexpected yet amazing collaboration between Minecraft, “Adventure Time” and Funko.

What you’ll love: The blocky Jake pays homage to both Minecraft’s style and Jake’s ability to transform.

What you should consider: The figure is slightly smaller than the usual design, but the box should still fit nicely with your collection.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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