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Which Joker Funko Pop is best?

For over 10 years, Funko Pop collectible toys have delighted fans of comic books, TV shows, video games and films alike, offering amusing and detailed vinyl figurines to show off one’s fandom. While they have over 8,000 vinyls now, the company first offered detailed toys featuring Batman and other DC heroes, a group of characters who remain ever popular today.

Batman’s arch-nemesis, Joker, is featured in a myriad of vinyls, including this favorite Arkham Asylum Joker. With over 50 Funko Pop Joker models, there are plenty of options and lots to consider in order to find the best one to put on display.

What to know before you buy a Joker Funko Pop

What are Funko Pop toys?

Funko Pop toys are similar to bobblehead toys. They are made of PVC and most stand at 3.75 inches tall. While they feature large heads and more slender bodies, they do not include any points of articulation and are meant to be set on display. 

The Funko Pop Toys buying guide at Best Reviews offers more information for those curious about the foundation and evolution of the popular toymaker.


The Crown Prince of Crime has popped up across a range of media since his appearance in DC comics over 80 years ago. In addition to the page, Joker has appeared in live-action and animated TV shows and films, including portrayals by four different actors in various movies. As such, there are numerous Funko depictions of the Joker. Fans can choose from a Joker based on “The Dark Knight,” the 1960s series, “Suicide Squad,” the comics or even the Arkham video game series.


Funko has numerous retail partners to sell their toys both in-store and online, but often specific toys are exclusive to a specific partner. It’s important to find out exactly where your desired Funko is sold. Funko also regularly debuts new toys at various expos and comic festivals, making a limited number for sale at that specific event. In some cases, they will make more for sale at a later date and place, but limited edition exclusives may cost more, especially if sold by a secondary reseller.

What to look for in a quality Joker Funko Pop


Some Funko vinyls feature what’s called a chase variant, in which the figurine features a slightly different appearance than the main look. Not all Funko toys offer a chase variant, but those that do advertise as such and give consumers a one-in-six chance of obtaining it upon purchase. In order to have a shot at the chase, the purchase must be made online from a Funko partner. The consumer will find out what they get upon opening the package at home.

For those eager to obtain the chase variants, they can also be bought directly from resellers, although they will come at a higher price. 


Some Joker Funko features various finishes and colors that offer a unique look to put on display. Options include a black and white finish, a metallic layer and a chrome coating, which is layered on top of another color for a look that sparkles and shimmers. Chrome finishes on the Joker are offered in black, purple, orange, silver and green. Some vinyls also come with a coating that glows in the dark.


Funko offers four different combo packs featuring the Aces of Knaves along with notable friends and foes. One showcases the Joker alongside a henchman from “The Dark Knight,” while another beach-themed set includes Joker and Batman with surfboards. Two others include Harley Quinn, including another beachy option with the pair donning swimsuits.

There is also a combo seat as part of the Movie Moments series of Funko toys. This option recreates a scene from the 1989 film and features a bloodied Batman looming over a flailing Joker.

How much you can expect to spend on Joker Funko Pop

Most single Funko Pop toys cost between $10-$20, though the price may increase based on rarity or popularity.

Joker Funko Pop FAQ

Should I keep my Joker Funko in the box?

A. Some collectors of Funko toys choose to keep them in the box, preserving the pristine nature of the vinyl and preventing the toys from being worn down over time. However, this choice is typically better suited for those who want to save them to sell at a later date in the hopes that the value will increase.  Most consumers will enjoy displaying their toy and simply dusting it as needed. Clear display cases are available for those who want to remove them from the box but still keep them protected.

What other DC Comics characters does Funko offer?

A. DC Comics inspires countless Funko Pop toys, including over 150 different Batman vinyls. Fans can find just about any character from page or screen, from popular figures like Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman to lesser-known characters like Hawkgirl, Nightwing and Katana. Just as with Joker Funko toys, these options will feature a wide range of different inspirations and finishes.

What’s the best Joker Funko Pop to buy?

Top Joker Funko Pop

Arkham Asylum Joker

Arkham Asylum Joker

What you need to know: Based on the popular video game series, this vinyl features the Joker’s sinister smile and iconic green suit, ideal for any dedicated fan.

What you’ll love: This figurine showcases Joker in his more familiar appearance, making him instantly recognizable for serious and casual fans alike. This colorful vinyl stands out for his green hair and purple attire.

What you should consider: Some fans may prefer a Joker inspired by film appearances.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Joker Funko Pop for the money

1989 Joker

1989 Joker  

What you need to know: This Joker figurine is inspired by the iconic turn by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 Batman film.

What you’ll love: The top hat and cane set this vinyl apart from so many others. This toy also features Joker’s iconic acid flower. A chase variant is possible that shows a different hat and his skin-colored makeup washing off.

What you should consider: This older incarnation of Joker may not appeal to younger fans.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Joker Jack Frost Holiday

Joker Jack Frost Holiday

What you need to know: This fun and lively holiday-themed Joker is a perfect gift for the yuletide season.

What you’ll love: This vinyl blends the Joker with Jack Frost, resulting in an eye-catching figurine coated in wintry blue. This toy also features a top hat and icicle cane to complete the theme.

What you should consider: This toy is a little pricey and might be too odd for some tastes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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