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Which ‘Game of Thrones’ gift is best?

“Game of Thrones” (GoT) is a cultural phenomenon, and despite the show being over, more content is on the horizon. There are new spinoff TV series coming, and George R.R. Martin is still in the process of writing the final books. 

Fans of the series love to show their loyalty to certain houses and characters. Thanks to this devoted fan base, there are plenty of GoT products available to appease each fan looking to bring a little more of Westeros into their lives. 

What kind of fan is receiving the gift?

It’s important to know what kind of GoT fan the receiver of the gift is. GoT actually started as a series of novels called “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Some fans only read the novels or watch the TV series while hard-core fans have probably already finished both. 

Since “Game of Thrones” has so many great heroes and villains — with many characters sitting in morally gray territory — everyone has a different favorite character. If you are a fan, this might be an easy landscape to navigate, but non-GoT fans might find it easier to buy gifts that are more general and less character specific. 

Top gifts for newer fans

Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gift for those just getting into the TV series 

“Game of Thrones†5-Book Boxed Set 

Game of Thrones” 5-Book Boxed Set 

The novels are a great companion piece to the TV series and go even more in depth. This box set includes all five official “A Song of Fire and Ice” books bundled together. Each book is a different color, making this set really stand out on the shelf. This gift will keep new GoT fans occupied for a long time. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gift for those who want to fully immerse in the show

“Game of Thronesâ€: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond 

“Game of Thrones”: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond 

This handy guide to understanding more about Westeros and the characters in GoT is a must-have for fans of the TV series as this guide is made specifically for the TV show. It features fully-colored photos with tons of information ranging from character bios to timelines. If you ever forget something about the show, this book has you covered. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gift for board game enthusiasts

Monopoly “Game of Thrones†Board Game 

Monopoly “Game of Thrones” Board Game 

For fans of board games, this is a GoT themed Monopoly. The game tokens are based on six of the most iconic houses including the Starks and Lannisters. Houses and hotels have been replaced with holdfasts and castles, and all the money is based on real GoT currency. There is even an iron throne that holds the cards and plays the GoT theme song. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gifts for creative types

Top relaxing ‘Game of Thrones’ gift 

HBO’s “Game of Thrones†Coloring Book 

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Coloring Book 

For those who like to relax and flex their creative muscles, this adult coloring gift features 60 pages of beautiful art from the GoT universe. Pictures include character portraits, landscapes and famous locations from the series. It is officially licensed by HBO, so all of the pictures are high quality and taken directly from the TV series. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gift for builders 

4D Cityscape “Game of Thrones†3D Puzzle of King’s Landing 

4D Cityscape “Game of Thrones” 3D Puzzle of King’s Landing 

For people who love to problem solve, this 4D replica puzzle of King’s Landing allows them to recreate the famous city that houses the Iron Throne itself. There are four main components to this puzzle: a jigsaw map, a topographic map, 3D models, and a poster. Build the entire city with proportionate buildings and see the most famous sites in King’s Landing come to life in your home. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gifts for foodies

Top GoT gift for people who love to cook 

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official “Game of Thrones†Companion Cookbook 

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official “Game of Thrones” Companion Cookbook 

Food has always been at the backdrop of GoT, and now you can recreate it in your own kitchen. This book features tons of recipes that are divided by region. Master recipes from famous GoT locations like The Wall and Dorne and enjoy trying out the medieval and modern version of each dish. 

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Top GoT gift for the kitchen 

Dinner is Coming Custom Stark Engraved Cutting Board 

Dinner is Coming Custom Stark Engraved Cutting Board 

This is a handmade bamboo cutting board that comes in three different sizes: 8×11, 11×9 and 9×6. The Stark logo is beautifully carved underneath the words “Dinner is Coming.” You can then choose what you want to be engraved beneath the logo. You can have your last name listed as a house, and you can even have a specific date engraved if it is a gift for a special occasion. 

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Top GoT gift for beer and wine lovers

I Drink And I Know Things Beer and Wine Glass Set 

I Drink And I Know Things Beer and Wine Glass Set 

This glass set features one 16 oz pint glass and one 12.75 oz wine glass. Both glasses have the famous Tyrion Lannister quote, “I Drink and I Know Things” on the sides in a beautiful GoT font made from organic ink print. Both glasses are dishwasher safe and made in the USA. 

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Top ‘Game of Thrones’ gifts for the house 

Top GoT gift for the table 

“Game of Thrones†Coasters with House Sigil 

“Game of Thrones” Coasters with House Sigil 

These are handmade alder coasters with the sigils from each of the famous houses in GoT. They are 3-½ inches in diameter and feature a rustic brown aesthetic that brings the natural beauty of GoT inside your home. Coasters can be bought in sets of six or 12 for those who want to have a coaster for each house. 

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Top decorative GoT gift 

Kurt Adler 4-Inch “Game of Thrones†Resin Throne Ornament 

Kurt Adler 4-Inch “Game of Thrones” Resin Throne Ornament 

The iconic Iron Throne can now fit anywhere inside your home. This four-inch resin throne ornament is officially licensed, and it comes with a chain so you can hang it in any room. The throne is highly detailed and comes with a “Game of Thrones” logo printed on the front of the ornament. 

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Top GoT gift for tech lovers

Tribe “Game of Thrones†Pendrive Figure

Tribe “Game of Thrones” Pendrive Figure

You can now take your favorite GoT character on the go with you. These officially licensed USB sticks feature fan favorites such as Arya, Jon Snow and Daenerys. The characters’ heads act as the cap for the USB, and each USB stick features 16GB. There is a chain attached to the USB stick allowing them to also function as a keychain. 

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