KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Here’s an important reminder for people with tired legs and achy knees: Collapsible chairs and stools will not be allowed inside the boundaries of the 2023 NFL Draft Experience.

Strollers for kids and associated blankets, however, will still be permitted.

But people in attendance, at least those not paying for the VIP seats, should prepare for a real leg workout from potentially a lot of standing.

“When I really need a chair and there’s no chair available, I just squat,” Ann Palmer said.

And all that standing will come after visitors arrive at Union Station from their parking spot.

At the City Market Parking Lot, it’s an estimated half-hour to Union Station, according to Visit KC, which lists dozens of parking structures around the area for people going to the 2023 NFL Draft.

Visit KC also highlights parking options in the Crossroads Arts District, Central Business District, Crown Center, Westport and the Country Club Plaza.

“I think it’s pretty doable. From Union Station to this exact point, it’s about a one and a quarter mile,” said Gregory Billick, who lives downtown.

“Hydrate. If you can find somewhere nearby that’s not directly at the draft area to sit, maybe that would be best,” one man said as FOX4 walked the path to Union Station.

Of course, the Kansas City Streetcar is available for anyone who parks near Main Street.

But the question is how full they’re going to be with this influx of visitors and if it’s possible that people will be turned away during the draft, at least at certain high peak times.

“The streetcar does get pretty full, but I’ve always found myself having available space if I wait for the opportunity,” Billick said.

The free streetcar will have extended hours during the NFL Draft, but the stop at Union Station will be closed to all passengers. Passengers will have to get off at the 19th and Main stop and then take the 15-minute walk to the draft.

There will also be a park and ride shuttle available out of the West Bottoms, just north of Hy-Vee Arena. But draft visitors must register in advance to ride the shuttle.

It will drop riders off near Summit Street where, once again, it will be another short walk to the draft entrance.

Planning to take a rideshare like Lyft or Uber? You’ll still have a bit of a walk. Rideshare drivers will drop passengers off at the designated zone. Organizers say it’s about a 10-minute walk to the closest draft entrance.