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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The World Cup buzz continues one day after Kansas City learned it will host 2026 tournament matches.

“I think that is just something so exciting to have come to our city,” Kansas City native Quincy Burnel Daniels said.

While people anticipate World Cup matches, county and city leaders are already planning logistics like getting travelers to and from Arrowhead Stadium, where matches will be held.

“So that was one thing that we presented with buses. You know, there are all creative things happening,” Kathy Nelson, president and CEO of the Kansas City Sports Commission, said.

“We had transportation engineers and transportation experts at the table with us. And really working through what does that look like to have fans transported once they arrive at the airport. How do you get them to the hotel? And then once they’re at the hotel how do you get them to the venue at Arrowhead.”

“We are very seriously exploring running the streetcar out to the stadiums for this,” City Manager Brian Platt said. “This is one of the big things that FIFA requires is transit access to stadiums.”

Planning is in the beginning stage, and not only will the city see a facelift, but Arrowhead will, too.

“The height of the field needs to be a little higher,” Platt said. “The type of grass, the angles and the curvature of the field and the dimensions of the field.”

The focus will be attracting fans and supporting them when they visit the City of Fountains.

“We will have to do signage, and being able to do multi-lingual is going to be important depending on which countries come here and knowing what that fan base looks like,” Nelson said.