As training camp wraps up, Chiefs reflect on what they’ve learned, bonds they’ve formed

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The last day of Chiefs Training Camp was a special day for a group of men and women who serve our country.

“The joy that you feel inside to be selected to go out there and interact with the superstars and the players, it’s a feeling that you can’t explain,” First Sgt. Brian Parker said on Military Appreciation Day.

“You see it. You feel it. When they walk past you, they speaking to you,” Master Sgt. Eddie Jones said. “Everybody is shaking your hand, so it’s wonderful.”

As for on the field, it was a 10-10-10 day: 10 offense, 10 defense and 10 special teams plays.

But afterward, it was time to reflect on what they’ve learned and improved on during the past 15 practices.

“I think just the overall knowledge as an offense that we had was positive and good to see,” quarterback Patrick Mahomes said, “not only me with having the knowledge of having a full season under my belt and respect and knowing what to do at camp, but seeing the receivers and the tight ends and O-line progress and understand more and more of what we are trying to do as an offense was a good thing to see.”

“I think it is just the extra things. You know, the offense is doing something and defensively we go to the side and work on different techniques and different communications or even between meetings, just studying extra film and really diving into one-on-ones.” safety Tyrann Mathieu said.

“We’ve been trying to do all that, but it is hard to do, especially at camp when everyone is tired once the day is over. But a lot of guys have just been committing themselves to do the extra.”

“We’re together here so much. We’re here, and that’s part of it,” head coach Andy Reid said. “A lot of teams don’t do this anymore. The fact that you’re meeting together, you’re eating together and you’re working hard together — it develops a certain camaraderie there that I appreciate.”

“You find out a lot about people, each team member. You can’t hide a lot when you’re doing that. That helps bond you as a team.”

And as for Mahomes, he had a little fun as well.

“I always said the third floor was always the most fun floor,” he said Thursday. “We had a mattress up on someone’s door so they couldn’t get out of their room. That’s just what we do.”

When asked who was trapped in their room, Mahomes responded, “It was Joey Ivie, we had him locked in his room.”

Fans will get another glimpse at how the team has improved this Saturday against the Steelers. Reid said the starters will play the first half, the second string will play the third quarter, and everybody else plays in the fourth.

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